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Warm weather and the annual Mardi Gras celebration are just two of the benefits of living in New Orleans. One of the downsides is that it can be difficult to find an apartment in a city with a 58 percent rental rate. With such high demand, you may have to settle for less storage space than you need. This problem is easily resolved by renting New Orleans self storage from Storage Post. We have all the extra space you need at a price you can afford.

Meet Your Storage Needs and Stick to Your Budget

We understand that you need storage to be affordable. At Storage Post, you can rent a 5 x 5 stall starting at just $30 a month. That is enough space to fit several boxes or small pieces of furniture. Our largest unit is 10 X 30, which gives you enough room to store the contents of five bedrooms. If you just need to store your Mardi Gras costumes, a locker would be sufficient. Parking spaces are available for recreational vehicles, boats, motorcycles and cars.

You Can Always Depend on the Security at Storage Post

In this business, we have to work hard to earn and keep the trust of our customers. That is to be expected when people leave some of their most valuable possessions with us. Storage Post's facilities are specifically designed to keep unauthorized people away. For instance, our River Road self storage facility is enclosed by fencing and specific credentials are required to get inside. You must enter a valid code to get past the front entrance. This is also required to open your storage unit. Without the code, you would have to open a heavy steel door. Your personal alarm sounds if this is ever attempted. Storage Post is further protected by surveillance cameras and the presence of security guards 24 hours a day.

Prevent Damage Caused by Extreme Temperatures and Humidity

As a resident of the 70121 ZIP code, you know that it can get unbearably hot outside at times. These high temperatures are very hard on things like cars, outdoor furniture and barbeque grills. Even with air conditioning, indoor humidity can pose a problem. It has the potential to damage leather and wood furniture, books, electronics and more. When you rent River Road self storage with climate control, you don't have to worry about temperature or humidity. We monitor both conditions very closely. Our climate-controlled technology automatically adjusts conditions inside of your storage stall to prevent damage.

Short-Term Contracts are No Problem at Storage Post

Some people only need self storage for two months, while others need it for two years or longer. Storage Post can easily accommodate both types of customers. We offer monthly and annual contracts as well as other options. People who need to retain flexibility appreciate the ability to renew their storage contract every 30 days. Annual contracts are ideal for those who have no immediate plans to move. In the 70121 ZIP code, Storage Post meets you right where you're at in life.

Storage Post Self Storage on River Road in the Jefferson area serve the following zip codes:

Self Storage Units in Jefferson, LA 70121
Self Storage Units in Kenner, LA 70062
Self Storage Units in St. Rose, LA 70087

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