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Even after you've cluttered up your living space and exhausted your in-home storage options, it can be hard to part with your possessions. Fortunately, Storage Post can help your belongings avoid this fate with a range of flexible storage options near the 70125 ZIP Code. We're committed to working with you as you de-clutter your existing living space or transition into a new one.

Find the Space You Need at a Price You Can Afford

At Storage Post, we understand that no two individuals' storage needs are alike. Accordingly, we're proud to offer a dizzying range of differently-sized, reasonably priced storage units. If you need to store some boxes of books and a few pieces of lawn equipment, try our one of our 10' x 10' rooms. If you're just looking to stack up a few boxes of old documents, one of our 5' x 5' cubicles might do the trick. On the other hand, our 10' x 30' garage-like spaces can accommodate any number of large items with plenty of room to spare. Best of all, you can check out our available self storage spaces online and make a no-obligation reservation.

Redefining Flexibility with Month-to-Month Contracts

Since your storage needs can change in the blink of an eye, we're committed to providing flexible New Orleans self storage with no strings attached. If you inherit a priceless old comic book collection from your grandfather and need a safe place to store it, simply sign a new month-to-month contract and upgrade to a larger space. If you move into a more spacious house with a storage-ready attic, you can downsize your unit at a moment's notice as well. With our flexible monthly contracts, you'll never have to pay for a space that you don't need. Of course, you can always sign a longer lease after finding the perfect unit.

Protect Your Precious Cargo from Humidity with Climate-Controlled Units

We understand how frustrating it can be to watch your delicate belongings lose their value in the steamy New Orleans air. That's why all of our River Road self storage units are climate-controlled to maintain consistent levels of humidity. When the mercury rises and the bayou feels more like a jungle, you can rest assured that your heat-sensitive jewelry, valuable documents and moisture-sensitive vinyl records will remain safe from harm in your Storage Post unit.

Storage Post is Number One in the Secure Storage Business

At Storage Post, we're serious about protecting your belongings. To provide you with total peace of mind, we equip all of our facilities with several layers of protection. For starters, many of our reinforced-steel units are equipped with individual alarms, and we monitor our properties around the clock using state-of-the-art video surveillance technology. To keep out intruders, we also maintain automatic access gates that can't be opened without a personalized access code. Finally, our facilities are watched by Storage Post employees who are trained to ward off intruders and answer your questions promptly and professionally.

Whether you're looking for a safe place to store your extra clothes on your summer break or hoping to garage your family's RV, Storage Post has you covered. From cavernous drive-up spaces to tidy lockers, we're sure to have the storage space that you're seeking near the 70125 ZIP Code.

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