Caring for the Environment

We support sustainable business practices, whether it’s simply reducing electricity or coordinating large recycling events. We know that protecting the beauty and health of our workplaces and homes contributes to the well-being of our neighbors. Storage Post continues to research and implement environmentally-friendly programs that benefit our regions.

Take a look at what we currently do:

  1. Box recycling: Storage Post locations encourage customers to recycle cardboard boxes to reduce waste and repurpose moving and storage materials. We offer large recycling bins and prominent signage to ensure easy access and visibility.
  2. Motion-sensor lighting: Almost every Storage Post storage facility is equipped with state of the art motion-sensor lighting, which effectively reduces energy use by operating lighting only when customers are present.
  3. Temperature monitoring: Our buildings are set up with a full temperature monitoring system that retains stable temperatures between 55 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. While benefitting the stored items of our customers, the temperature system also ensures we are optimizing our energy use throughout the year.

Partner With Us

  1. Fundraising programs for environmental causes: Storage Post will help you raise money for your environmental causes
  2. Firearms recycling
  3. Electronics recycling
  4. Battery recycling
  5. Eyeglass recycling
  6. Pharmaceuticals disposal
  7. Other recycling or disposal drives