Promoting Education

We want to ensure that our customers, children and employees all have access to critical and substantive learning opportunities. Education is the key to growth, improvement and success, and Storage Post is committed to supporting schools and other educational initiatives to advance our communities. We actively pursue opportunities to partner with local schools and educational organizations.

Take a look at what we currently do:

  1. Fundraising programs for local school organizations: Storage Post will donate money for members of your school organization who rent storage space
  2. Discounted storage space: Discounts now offered for official school groups, athletic booster clubs, and community school programs. Whenever possible, we are willing to provide charitable organizations the one thing we have in excess: storage space. Our charity storage discounts allow local programs to store everything from fundraising auction items to lumber for Habitat for Humanity.
  3. School supply drives: Use our facility as a drop off point for essential school supplies. As education supporters, we do what we can for local schools, including hosting supply drives so teachers and students have what they need in the classroom. School supply drives fit well into our overall charity outlook by combining educational support and using our space for the good of the community.
  4. Book drives: Use our facility as a drop off point for books. Learning does not stop when children leave the classroom, so Storage Post hosts book collections to make sure libraries are well-stocked and community members have access to reading material year-round. We encourage literacy in all age groups.