Features of Storage Post

All Storage Post locations come with a host of storage amenities to ensure your experience is safe, easy, and convenient, including: 24-hour video surveillance and personal security codes, hand carts and moving supplies, as well as online bill pay and month-to-month rental agreements.

Safe and Secure

At Storage Post, the safety and security of you and your belongings are our top priority. Every Storage Post location has security amenities in place to ensure that no one is accessing your stuff but you.

Security cameras

Security Cameras

Smile! You’re on camera every day at Storage Post because we keep our facilities safe and secure for our customers. Our video cameras are strategically placed and record 24 hours a day to discourage crime or shady visitors.

Individual door alarms

Individual Door Alarms

Many of our storage units have their very own, unique unit door alarms that are triggered upon unauthorized entry - so your stored items are protected. How’s that for tech-savvy?

Perimeter access codes

Personal Access Codes

We’re pretty high-tech at Storage Post, especially when it comes to security. Entrances at our facilities require a personal access code specific to you and your units. Our digital security system tracks the codes to monitor who comes and goes and makes sure everything is as it should be.

Call boxes and intercoms

Call Boxes and Intercoms

If you have a question while visiting your storage unit, Storage Post’s intercom system provides you with an instant connection to on-site Storage Specialists. You can contact the office without having to stop what you’re doing or leave your unit. Who doesn’t love instant service?

Perimeter gates

Perimeter Gates

As added security (as if the 24-hour video recording, secure entry and door alarms weren’t enough), some of our locations have complete perimeter fencing, making it difficult for non-customers to access our facility. Fences are often connected to an electronic gate that only opens with a valid customer access code. We know: 007 has nothing on us!

Easy Storage

There's nothing convenient about moving, but Storage Post provides a range of amenities that make the process smoother and easier.

Boxes and packing supplies

Boxes & Packing Supplies

Storage and packing supplies are like cookies and milk – you can’t have one without the other. With our full line of supplies, you can grab all of the boxes, tape and bubble wrap you need for secure storage unit loading.

Freight elevators

Elevators/Freight Elevators

Many of our facilities have large or freight elevators available to customers for faster loading and fewer why-do-we-even-have-this-piano moments. For added security, an access code is required to operate the elevators, and it only takes you to your unit’s floor, limiting the chance of ne’er-do-wells roaming the halls.

Indoor loading bays

Indoor Loading Bays

You move and store no matter the weather, so why should you have to unload in the rain? Storage Post gives you interior loading areas for a dry, convenient and comfortable storage experience.

Elevated loading docks

Elevated Loading Docks

Unload right from your truck to the platform without straining your back from lifting and schlepping. Simply back the truck up to the dock and park. Load items off the truck onto the loading dock, and off you go.

Hand carts

Hand Carts

Let us help you carry your storage load with our convenient hand carts, which are available at every Storage Post location. These puppies are ready to wheel your stuff to your storage unit with minimal effort – just how we like it for our customers.

On-site parking

On-site Parking

We know your time is precious, and we want to make sure your storage experience is easy from start to finish. To save you time, we offer on-site and off-street parking at many of our locations (even in NYC!). Spots are available near storage offices and close to the storage building, so you can be talking to us or loading your stuff in a jiffy.

Comfort & Convenience

Whether you're storing items long-term or just for a short while, Storage Post aims to make your storage experience a pleasant one by providing amenities that offer comfort and convenience.

Climate control

Climate Controlled

We keep it cool at Storage Post because we know your stuff needs to be pampered. We make sure the temperature in climate controlled storage units is maintained between 55° and 78°F. Your stored items won’t need to bundle up or strip down; units are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer.

Friendly storage experts

Friendly Storage Experts

We love all things storage-related, so we’d love to chat with you about finding the right unit, the best ways to stack boxes and which features are must-haves. We are also super friendly and we want you to have a fuss-free, fast and simple storage experience.

Online bill pay

Online Bill Pay

So you can pay your storage bill in your pajamas, or manage your account from your couch, we’ve added secure online bill pay to our convenience amenities. Simply visit our customer account page and create an account to get started.

Daily access

Daily Access

You’re busy and you deserve storage that’s simple and stress-free. To help you get through your week of errands, we offer daily storage facility access. Now you can pick-up and drop-off items whenever you need to, and maybe even have more time to relax.

Motion activated lighting

Motion-activated Lighting

At Storage Post, you light up the room - literally. Most of our storage facilities feature motion-activated lighting that detects your movement and turns on automatically. No light switch flipping needed! Using motion-sensor lighting and timed light switches also allows us to reduce our energy use for more sustainable operations.

Amenities can vary by location. Please check the locations page or contact management to ensure availability.