A Complete Guide: How to Choose the Best Self Storage Unit

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Choosing a storage unit can be a stressful task, especially for someone who's never owned one. Here is Storage Post's complete guide on how to choose the best self storage unit!

Self storage is a global industry with rapid growth in recent years. The self storage industry in the United States is set to expand, going from about $43.34 billion in 2023 to approximately $48.73 billion by 2028, per the United States Self Storage Market Analysis. Especially in the United States, which accounts for more than 40 percent of its global market, the self storage industry is worth close to 45 billion dollars, and the numbers are expected to double in coming years! But why is self storage getting so popular?

In simple words, self storage is another name for a secure and convenient storage solution. Run out of storage space in your house or apartment? Need a convenient space to use as your business storage? Or a place to keep your prized collections, artworks, and other valuables safely stored? A self storage unit can solve all these storage problems for you!

But choosing a self storage unit can be a tricky task, especially if you have never owned or rented one before. What sized unit to get? Which unit type would be best for me? Which security features should I look for in a storage facility? These are common questions that come to the mind of anyone looking for a storage unit for the first time, and we're here to help with this!

Here is Storage Post's complete, expert guide on how to choose the best storage units!

Choosing the Best Storage Unit - What to Consider?

Storage units are the best solution for people who are looking for extra storage space. Whether you're renovating your home, downsizing your company, moving out, starting a business, or just wanting a seasonal storage space, store units are the perfect solution!

For anyone looking to rent a storage unit for the first time, there can be a lot of confusion when choosing one out of the many options available. Here is a list of things you should carefully consider when selecting a storage unit.

The Storage Unit Size and Layout

As discussed earlier, storage units, also called layouts, are available in various sizes and shapes. It is important that you have a general estimate of the amount of storage space you need before you start searching for a storage unit, as it will help you make the best choice. Larger-sized storage units are usually costly, and if you don't need too much space, save your money by buying a regular or small one. You can also check storage unit sizes from the size chart provided to make the best decision.

In addition to that, make sure to consider the layout or shape of the unit before renting it. Select the layout based on the dimensions of the items you're planning to store in the unit.

The Unit Type

Various unit types, such as indoor units, non-climate control, and climate-controlled storage units, are available in the self-storage market. A regular storage unit will be fine if you're planning to store items that won't be affected by changing external conditions such as temperature and humidity. However, choose a climate-controlled storage unit if your belongings can be affected by temperature fluctuation and moisture buildup. Storage Post offers both regular and climate-controlled storage units in New York, New Jersey, and Louisiana.

Location of the Storage Facilities

Location is a crucial factor that must be carefully considered when selecting a storage unit. Choose a storage unit facility in your vicinity so you don't have to waste time and money on long trips. Especially if you plan to use your unit as a storage space for your company, it would be smart if it's near your business location since you may need to visit your unit often for business needs.

Storage Post has storage facilities in states like New York, Louisiana, and New Jersey, so if you live in any of these states, you may very conveniently find a Storage Post Storage facility near you. Here is a list of all Storage Post's storage locations.

Security - What Features Are Being Offered?

When it comes to storage units, security should be your top priority. You don't want your precious goods stolen, so choose a unit in a highly secure facility. Check for security features such as security cameras, callboxes, intercoms, individual door alarms, personal access code locks, motion-activated lighting, etc. Storage Post offers all these security features and more!

Amenities and Add-Ons

You should be as comfortable as possible when accessing your storage unit, so check for amenities and add-ons being offered. Storage Post offers some amazing amenities, such as boxes and packaging supplies, elevated loading docks, freight elevators, hand carts, on-site parking, and daily access. The Storage Post staff and website are also very helpful, with a section for Frequently Asked Questions.

Customer Service and Reviews

Check customer support services and customer reviews before making your final decision on a self storage company. Reviews can tell you about prior and current customers' experiences with the storage company. At the same time, quick and knowledgeable customer support services can prove very useful in many cases. Storage Post provides exceptional customer support services, and the brand's official website has an elaborate page with testimonials from hundreds of satisfied, happy clients.

Conclusion - A Complete Guide: How to Choose the Best Self Storage

Choosing the right self-storage unit can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. By carefully considering the factors in this article, you can find a unit that is the right size and type, has all the necessary security features, and is located in a convenient location. Use Storage Post's complete and comprehensive guide to find the ideal self-storage unit to meet your needs. Reach out today to discuss what storage solution would best suit you!