An Expert's Advice on Choosing the Best Storage Units in Brooklyn

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Need some extra storage space in Brooklyn, New York? Maybe you've run out of storage space in your apartment. Or maybe you require a space for commercial or industrial storage purposes. Well, whatever the reasons, Storage Post will help you find the best, most affordable self-storage units in Brooklyn, NYC!

Brooklyn is the second-largest borough of New York City and the most densely populated one, with an estimated population of 2.6 million people (roughly around thirty-one percent of the total New York population). It has a fairly above-average cost of living owing to its reputation as a global business district and a cultural center.

Because of this and many other factors, the majority of Brooklyn's population needs to live in medium to small-sized apartments. These places have very minimal extra space, creating a natural demand for storage units.

The United States Self Storage Market Analysis tells us the self-storage industry has been on an incredible journey, ranking as one of the fastest-growing segments for the last 36 years. What's more, according to, about one in every ten households decides to rent storage units, showing just how much people are using and loving these storage spaces.

Here's expert advice from someone from the self-storage industry on choosing the best storage units in Brooklyn, New York!

An Introduction to Self-Storage Units

Self-storage units are the perfect storage solutions for anyone running out of space in their homes, offices, or commercial spaces! These units are available for renting in secure storage facilities by professional storage companies. Self-storage units come in a lot of different shapes, types, and sizes to accommodate different storage needs.

The self-storage industry is growing rapidly in the United States due to the rising popularity of storage units, with its market size expected to increase from around $43.34 billion in 2023 to approximately $48.73 billion by 2028, according to the United States Self Storage Market Size & Share Analysis. People use these units for personal, office, commercial, and industrial storage and to store extremely valuable items such as expensive paintings and sculptures, antiques, family heirlooms, jewelry, and prized watches.

The Demand for Storage Units in Brooklyn, NY

If you're wondering why storage units are in such huge demand in Brooklyn, NY, there are many reasons. Real estate prices and rents are significantly high in Brooklyn, which is one of the main reasons why a big fraction of the region's population lives in small or minimal-spaced apartments or studios.

These small or medium-sized living spaces have very little extra room for storage if any at all. Because of this, people are compelled to look for storage solutions such as self-storage units. This is also one of the reasons why these units are priced above average here. But you can still get a decent-sized storage unit in your budget in Brooklyn if you know where to look for it.

What to Consider When Choosing a Storage Unit in Brooklyn

Trust us, you don't want to shift your goods from one storage facility to another. It is just a lot of hassle, so it is important to choose once and choose right in the case of storage units. We have compiled a list of some important factors you should carefully consider while hunting for your storage unit. Let's get a detailed understanding of them.


The location of your storage unit (actually, the storage facility it is located in) matters a lot because it will, if it's close to you, not only save you a ton of time and gas on your trips back and forth but also give you peace of mind that your valuables are not too far from you. Do your research and choose the storage facility that is the nearest to you without compromising on quality.

The location is even more important if you plan to use your self-storage unit as a secondary storage for your business. You and your employees might even, at times, need to make multiple visits to the unit within short periods, which is why the storage facility must be located near your business premises. Thankfully, due to the rising popularity of self-storage, there are around three hundred storage facilities in Brooklyn, NY, so you can probably find one very close to you no matter where you live.

The Type and Size of the Unit

As discussed earlier, storage units are available in not only a variety of different sizes but types as well. First, let's discuss the types of storage units available. You can find a range of indoor storage units, including stacked lockers, and most with elevator access. In addition to that, climate-controlled storage units are very popular, especially for business and artwork storage purposes. To decide on the type of storage unit that would be best for you, consider the kind of goods you want to store.

Size is a very important factor that should be carefully considered when selecting storage units. You need to find a storage unit with enough space to fulfill your needs. Storage units of varying sizes, such as small, medium, large, and extra-large, as well as in different layouts, are available in Brooklyn, New York.


Security is, in fact, the most crucial factor that must be given due consideration when it comes to selecting a storage unit. Ensure that the facility you're choosing has all the necessary security features.

Especially if you plan to store expensive goods and items of sentimental value, make sure that your storage company provides foolproof security for your unit.

Customer Service

You might run into problems while using a storage unit, so the storage company's customer services will probably be the only ones to help you. Many different storage companies are out there, but not all of them provide exceptional customer support services. Ensure that the storage company you select provides quick and knowledgeable customer support.

Rental Rate

Do thorough research on the self-storage unit rates in your region before you decide to settle for one. Brooklyn is relatively expensive when it comes to storage units because of their high demand. Analyze your budget to choose the best option you can get in it.

Extra Features

Also, consider extra features and add-ons provided by the storage companies when choosing storage units. These extra features and add-ons can include live video surveillance, 24/7 access (a great plus point), free first month, shelving, loading platforms, and free padlocks.

Some Expert Tips on Choosing a Storage Unit in Brooklyn, NY

Here are a few useful tips for choosing a storage unit in Brooklyn.

Consider What Items You're Planning to Store

Carefully consider the items you plan to store and select the unit based on them. If you plan to keep temperature-sensitive goods, such as artwork or instruments, in the unit, select one that maintains its internal conditions (such as temperature and humidity), also called a climate-controlled storage unit. Similarly, choose the unit sizes based on the extra space storage you need. Furthermore, if you plan to keep high-value goods such as family heirlooms or collectibles, keep security your top priority and choose based on that.

Read Reviews

Reviews can tell you a lot about customers' prior experience with the storage company, their offered facilities, the quality of customer support, and even units. Review the customer reviews of your chosen storage company before selecting it. Also, look at the frequently asked questions or FAQ section to clarify any basic queries you might have about self-storage.

Compare Prices

A useful tip when choosing storage units is to compare their prices to their pros and cons, as this can help you make the best decision on your budget. Units can be overpriced due to their high demand in Brooklyn. However, you can be sure to get the best rates from Storage Post. Check Storage Post's storage unit rates in your region and see for yourself.

Visit the facility in Person

Try to visit the storage facility in person before signing the final lease document. Check for all the necessary security features, locality, drive time, quality of units, and additional features.

Inspect the Unit Before You Rent it

Last but not least, thoroughly inspect your unit before you rent it. Check if it is clean, secure, sealable, and completely empty. Also, check for any way for water or dust to enter and seal it before storing your goods in the unit. Inspect for any signs of pest infestations, fungal growth, or the presence of smaller animals, such as rats.

Final Thoughts - An Expert’s Advice on Choosing the Best Storage Units in Brooklyn

Choosing a storage unit in Brooklyn can be stressful, but it is important to research and choose the right unit for your needs. By considering factors such as location, size, security, and price, you can find a storage unit that meets your requirements and your budget. Our advice would be to consider Storage Post as your reliable storage partner. The best way to tell if they fit your storage needs is to reach out to them and find out what they have for you!