Securing Your Belongings: Choosing Storage Units in New York City

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Looking for the best storage units in New York City? Let Storage Post help you!

Self-storage is extremely popular in the United States. The United States Self Storage Market Trends Report tells us that in 2020, about 82.66% of people lived in cities, and it's predicted that by 2050, this number will go up to 89.16%. This means there's a greater and more urgent demand for places where people can store their belongings.

Self-storage is even more popular in the country's large, metropolitan cities such as New York. And understandably so, NYC is the business center of not just the United States but also the world, and it is very densely populated.

But you might be wondering, why are storage units so popular in NYC?

Owing to the high cost of living in New York, the majority of New Yorkers, especially those living in the central city, are compelled to choose medium to small apartments or flats with minimal room for storage. This creates a very high demand for storage space in NYC, and because of this, people rent self-storage units.

As reported by, the self storage industry boasts an impressive annual revenue of 39 billion dollars. Furthermore, approximately one out of every ten households opts to rent storage units, highlighting these facilities' widespread need and popularity. Let's discuss how you can choose the best storage units in New York City and secure your belongings.

What Are Self-Storage Units?

Before we delve more into the topic, let's first introduce self-storage and self-storage units. These units are built like saferooms and are available in a variety of different types and sizes. Small, medium, large, and extra-large indoor units and specially designed climate-controlled storage units are available.

A storage facility houses these storage units, and they can be rented on a monthly or yearly basis. Self-storage units are highly useful as they provide extra space for personal, business, or commercial storage. You can store your house furniture, personal belongings, tools and electronics, machinery, and even valuables such as jewelry and family heirlooms in your self storage unit.

The Need for Self-Storage in NYC

New York is, without a doubt, one of the most populated cities in America. However, the cost of living here is well above the country's average due to multiple factors, such as opportunities and population density, and its reputation as a global economic and cultural center. Real estate prices are skyrocketing right now and most regular-sized apartments are well out of budget for most of the population. Because of this, a good percentage of New Yorkers are compelled to live in small apartments with very little space, almost none for extra storage.

This is why people in New York rent self-storage units to meet their storage needs. These units are located in nearby facilities, which ensures easy access while providing you the space to store everything extra or not needed at the moment. Many businesses in New York also use storage units to store their equipment, tools, records, and paperwork.

Some Factors to Consider When Selecting a Storage Unit

A storage unit is something that you cannot change again and again. Trust us, you don't want the extra hassle of repeatedly moving things from one place to another. This is why it is important to choose the right storage unit that not only has enough space to store all your belongings but is highly secure and, most importantly, in your vicinity.

Size Matters: Choosing the Right Unit

First and foremost, size matters a lot when it comes to storage units. Choosing the right-sized storage unit is important so it can easily store all your belongings. As discussed earlier, storage units are available in many different sizes and even layouts. Before you begin to look for storage units, estimate how much storage space you want and choose a unit based on that.

Most storage companies provide their customers with a guide on storage unit sizes to help them choose the right-sized storage solution. Also, keep in mind that storage units cost based on their size. So, if you're looking for a larger-sized storage unit, it will probably cost more than the average option out there.

Location: Finding a Convenient Storage Facility

Secondly, make sure that the storage unit you choose is located close to your location. If you intend to use the unit to store personal belongings, tools, or home items, it should be near your home. Similarly, if you're renting a unit for business storage, it should be close to your office or commercial space.

Location is important because you'll probably be making frequent visits to your unit to get things. Especially for your business, having a nearby location will make things very convenient. Thanks to the rising popularity of self-storage, you can now find a storage facility in New York, no matter which part of the city you live in.

Security Features: Keeping Your Belongings Safe

Security is a very important factor when it comes to storage units. You will be storing your valuables in your unit, and you should have the surety that they're safe. It must be fully safe and secure, especially if you're looking to use your unit for business storage. Most business equipment is worth tens of thousands of dollars and should not be at risk of theft. While selecting a storage unit, make sure to visit the storage facility to check if it is secure or not.

Most storage facilities have security measures installed and implemented in their parameters. These security measures can include security cameras, modern heavy-duty locks, and perimeter gates. Some storage facilities also have individual door alarms and personal access code locks to further ensure the safety of their customers' belongings.

Reviewing Cost: How Much Does Self-Storage Cost in NYC?

Now that you know how to choose the right storage unit, let's overview prices. Storage units can have varying prices depending on many factors, such as size, space layout, location, security, demand, the total renting period, and amenities.

Especially in New York, where storage space is in huge demand, the price of a self-storage unit can seem a bit more expensive as compared to other states. A regular-sized storage unit costs, on average, a few hundred dollars per month in New York, which is a lot more than the average storage unit price across the United States.

The Fine Print: Read the Lease Carefully

While finalizing things with your storage provider, carefully read the lease before signing it. Read it thoroughly, understand the conditions it states, and only sign the document if you're comfortable with its terms. It is also important to note that there are varying leases based on whether you opt for long-term or short-term storage.

Some things you should check in the lease document are the length of the lease, the rent, late fees amount, access hours, security deposit, early termination fees, prohibited items, and the eviction process.

Storing Your Items Safely

To save goods from getting damaged while moving them in and out of storage, make sure to choose the right packaging and containers. Sturdy plastic containers with lids are the ideal option for fragile items made of glass, wood, or plastic. You can wrap such items with bubble wrap as well. Storage Post also provides high-quality packaging materials to their customers to help them safely pack and store their items to minimize damages.

You can try different ways to organize and safely store your items in your self-storage unit. Properly stacking the items is also important so they don't fall. Place the heavy items at the bottom and stack the lighter ones on top. This way, there will be a minimal chance of your precious goods getting damaged while in storage.

Choosing the Right Self-Storage Company

There are a lot of different storage companies out there, but not all of them provide the best self-storage services. Storage Post is a highly reputed name in the industry that has been around since 1998. Storage Post storage facilities are located all around New York City, and the renting process is extremely straightforward for the ease of the customers.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right self-storage unit in New York City can be a challenge. However, it is important to consider factors such as size, location, security, and cost. Find the best storage units in New York that not only meet your storage needs but your budget as well by following our guide!