Retailers: Storing Holiday Inventory

Boxes sitting in a warehouse

As a retailer, your most important asset is your inventory. Oftentimes, storage space in retail stores can be scarce, making it difficult to store additional inventory. The solution? A storage unit. Storage units are an easy, cost effective way to organize your extra inventory. But staying organized is key. It can be tempting to just toss inventory into your unit, especially in the hectic holiday months. Whether you’re making big orders and back-stocking in anticipation of the holidays or you’re storing what was left over from the year, there are a few tips and tricks to getting the most out of your storage unit.

Store Smart

First and foremost, consider the items you’ll be storing: What are they made of? Could your items be damaged or destroyed by the heat or frigid winter weather? If so, consider a unit that is climate-controlled. These units keep your items at a steady temperature and reduce humidity. You’ll also want to use storage containers that can be completely sealed so that no moisture or pests can get in.

Investment in Organization

It’s easy to just toss boxes of inventory into your unit, but spending a little bit of time setting up some organization will bring joy to the world (or at least to you and your staff). Here’s what we suggest:

  • Invest the time to organize your items in a way that will make sense later (by SKU, item type, color, etc.).
  • Don’t underestimate the power of labeling. Big, bold labels can help you find what you need quickly.
  • Choose containers that are airtight and stackable for the best use of the space of your unit.

Keep a List

Minimize trips (and headaches) by keeping a list of all of the items you’ve stored in your unit. You’ll avoid having to rack your brain trying to remember what you have stored, and you won’t over-order inventory later. 


Your inventory is your livelihood. The storage facility you choose should have security measures such as secure entryways, access codes, individual door alarms and security cameras. Read more about keeping your items safe here

Overall, treat your storage unit like an extension of your retail store. Taking the time to properly set up your unit will make your life easier before and after the hectic holiday months. Happy holidays, and happy storing!