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About the Area

It is rare to find a property that is convenient, affordable, and spacious. Many St. Charles Parish homes and businesses lack sufficient room to accommodate items that aren_t used on a regular basis. Common examples include memorabilia, holiday decorations, business documents, and seasonal inventory. At Storage Post, however, our St. Charles self storage units can solve your storage problem.

Selecting the Right Storage Unit

When selecting self storage in St. Charles Parish, you should look for an environmentally controlled unit that is nearby and available in a range of sizes. Extreme weather and humidity increase the risk that stored items will warp, break or rust. Our state-of-the-art climate controlled self storage St. Charles Parish units are designed to safeguard your valuables. They are the best location for your electronic equipment, old clothing, and business documents. 

Our St. Rose facility is strategically located near businesses and homes. This enables you to remove and add items to your St. Charles Parish self storage unit at your convenience. The St. Rose facility has various unit sizes. This gives you the option of switching to a different unit at the same location. There is no reason to load your property and move it across town when your storage requirements change.

Realtors often recommend that homeowners reduce clutter to make their properties more appealing to prospective buyers. Self storage in St. Charles Parish is a great location to temporarily store your personal property when you are selling your home.

Another benefit of choosing self storage in St. Charles Parish is that we can store your boat, RV, and other recreational equipment. Our facility is a secure location to store these items if you lack the space at your home or when they are not in use.

Give us a call if you are downsizing for retirement or need a safe place to keep items while your children are away at school. Self storage St. Charles Parish is the solution to your space limitations.

Why Choose Storage Post?

We control access to our St. Rose facility. It has secured gates, 24-hour video surveillance cameras, and high-tech security alarms. Individual units are constructed with steel walls and doors to deter vandals and thieves. These security measures help prevent unauthorized entrance into the facility. You can be confident that your property is safe when you rent a St. Charles Parish self storage unit.

Affordability is another major factor to consider when you need to rent a storage unit. We offer monthly rentals and other budget-friendly plans. Storage Post can accommodate your family's evolving dynamics and financial requirements. We have a wide array of affordable rates and payment plans. Storage Post enables you to maximize value while safely storing your personal belongings.

We have consistently provided our customers with convenient and modern storage options for more than two decades. Contact our St. Rose self storage location to learn more about Storage Post's unsurpassed customer relations and worry-free self storage St. Charles Parish.



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