About the Area

In the heart of the Garden State, between Haledon and Paterson, NJ, 07410 is home to a diverse population of both residents, students, and visitors of the area. Located closely to sprawling urban areas, as well as large expanding natural preserves, it is no wonder there has been an increasing need for convenient and secure storage solutions.

Storage Post is a leader in the self-storage industry. With our Haledon self-storage facility located near 07410, we are able to meet your storage requirements for almost any item you wish to store. From excess furniture to unwanted clutter, Storage Post is here to assist you with our safe, clean, and secure self-storage facilities.

About the Paterson, NJ area at ZIP Code 07410

07410 is home to several famous destinations. Being a short drive from large recreational areas such as county and national parks, Paterson, NJ, at ZIP Code 07410, is a great place to visit and live. The vast expanses of nature and historic sites in 07410 make this town the ideal location to spend time finding out all that the Garden State has to offer.

If you are someone that enjoys shopping and eating out, 07410 is home to nationally recognized eateries and unique shopping venues that are sure to become your favorite destinations for relaxation and leisure. Those that live in 07410 already know there is never a lack of cool things to do when living in this incredible place.

If you are living near 07410 and need self-storage units that are clean, safe, climate-controlled, and secure, Storage Post is the place for you. With our comprehensive selection of self-storage options, we are sure to meet anyone’s storage requirements. Our closest facility is located only a short drive from 07410 at Haledon, NJ 07508, at 45 Kossuth Street.

Just a Short Drive From Haledon and Paterson, NJ

Storage Post Is near Paterson and is relatively close to most areas in Haledon, NJ. You can quickly reach our storage location at 45 Kossuth Street from most places in the 07410 ZIP Code area.

With secure self-storage options near Haledon and Paterson, NJ, it’s no wonder why residents throughout the region have been turning to Storage Post for their storage needs. 

Need Some Space? Call on Storage Post Today!

If you currently live in 07410 or are visiting the area due to work or school commitments and need a place to store your personal belongings, contact Storage Post today. We are proud to offer our customers state-of-the-art self-storage facilities that will safely and securely store their cherished items. Remember, we are only a short distance from Haledon and Paterson, NJ, making Storage Post’s facility the most convenient location to store your stuff. Contact us today for more information.

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