Storage Units Overview

At Storage Post, we offer storage unit in a range of sizes, from lockers fit for a few boxes to extra-large units that can store business inventory or a multi-bedroom home. Need to store a car somewhere other than your driveway? We’ve got parking spaces, too. Whether you need storage for just a few months or something long-term, we’ve got all the space you need.

Locker Unit

Representative illustration of a stack storage lockers to give a sense of scale.

A locker is the ideal storage unit size for storing small collections or packing your dorm room between semesters. Our lockers are 4 feet tall and range from 3x4 to 5x5 feet, depending on the location. Typically located near the entrance, lockers are stacked in rows of 3 to maintain high availability. 

Lockers are great for storing:

Small Unit

Illustration representing approximate size of small 5x5 self-storage unit.

Our small storage units have footprints similar to locker units but with the height of larger units, about 8 feet, providing extra vertical storage. They can usually be filled with one cardload.

Small self-storage units are great for storing:

  • Small furniture (end tables, foldable chairs, floor lamps, etc.)
  • A full-size mattress
  • Household items (cookware, small appliances, etc.)
  • Larger collections
  • $50-200/month, pricing varies by location

Medium Unit

Illustration representing approximate size of medium 5x10 self-storage unit.

The average medium storage unit is 5x10 feet. These units are the perfect way to clear general home clutter and can fit the contents of a small moving truck or trailer.

Medium self-storage units are great for storing:

  • King- or queen-sized mattress
  • Some furniture (dresser, small dining room set, etc.)
  • Contents of a one-bedroom apartment
  • $100-250/month, pricing varies by location

Large Unit

Typically sized at 10x10 feet, large storage units have enough space to fit the contents of a small, single-family home. If you're in the middle of a move or major renovation, this is the solution for you. These units can also be used for business and commercial storage, with plenty of space for aisles for easy access.

Large self-storage units are great for storing:

  • Large appliances
  • A grand piano
  • Multiple rooms of furniture
  • Extra supplies or business inventory
  • $200-450/month, pricing varies by location

Extra-Large Unit

As our largest storage option, extra-large storage units start at 10x20 feet and can reach sizes of 11x30 or more. Whether you're changing homes or changing business locations, these units offer plenty of room.

Extra-large self-storage units are great for storing:

  • Commercial inventory
  • Business equipment/office contents
  • Large appliances
  • $150-1000/month, pricing varies by location
  • Not available in all locations, limited availability due to size


Illustration of a parking unit

While a parking space isn't an option for anything you want fully protected from the elements, it can be perfect for keeping that extra car or seasonal RV out of your driveway. It also adds a level of protection that your vehicle won't get on the street.

Parking spaces are great for storing:

  • A car you're saving for a new driver
  • RVs and other recreational vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Extra company vehicles
  • $50-150/month, pricing varies by location
  • Only available in select locations

Save on space and your belongings by: 

  • Packing efficiently 
  • Leaving space between stacks to access what you need  
  • Keeping a list of what you’ve stored  

Still not sure what you need?

Check out these tips for choosing the right-size storage unit or try our storage calculator below.