About the Area

This ZIP Code practically gives a big warm hug to downtown Paterson — its arms outstretched through the surrounding neighborhoods like Stoney Road, Little Lima, Sandy Hill, and Wrigley Park, with each hand grasping the winding Passaic River. 07501 nuzzles itself between a bustling metropolis and the Garret Mountain Reservation, with Interstate 80 tying a bow over the entire expanse. Given it’s such a hotbed of urban activity, commuter freeways, and a dash of rural sensibility — there’s no wonder residents, and visitors alike have storage needs!

About the Paterson, NJ area at ZIP Code 07501

If you reside in Paterson and require storage solutions for old junk, inventory, water vehicles, or anything you want out of your house but under lock and key, turn to the professionals at Storage Post! We provide easy access to much-needed spaces near 07501 — the closest facility being less than 2 miles away at 45 Kossuth Street, Haledon, NJ 07508

Do you commute to the Big Apple every day and need some storage space between your home and the office? Want a place to keep the car you’re looking to sell? Tired of stepping around old junk that’s cluttering up your living area? Whatever your unique needs may be, choose the Storage Post facility that helps make your life easier!

Just a Short Drive From Haledon and Paterson, NJ

Our clean and secure storage facilities near 07501 are located closely to Haledon and Paterson, NJ. With only minutes in travel time separating the areas, you can drive from our storage facility at 45 Kossuth Street to most of the surrounding area in 07501.

With our self-storage facility near Haledon and Paterson, NJ, Storage Post has established itself as a premier provider of clean, safe, and secure self-storage options to visitors and full-time residents of Haledon and Paterson, NJ.

Need Some Extra Room? Contact Storage Post Today!

Whether you reside in 07501 or visit frequently and have storage needs, turn to us! We’re proud to offer secure, climate-controlled facilities that aren’t too far from you. For information about how our team can help give you some extra room, contact Storage Post today.

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