About the Area

Just north of downtown Paterson and a bit east of High Mountain Park Preserve, 07506 is comprised of Hawthorne and the immediate surrounding areas, including a section of Route 208 that runs through its northernmost half. Given that it’s so close to metropolitan areas, captivating natural landscapes, and some of New Jersey’s most used thoroughfare, it’s no wonder that residents and visitors of 07506 have unique self-storage needs!

Storage Post Self-Storage Facilities Near 07506

If you live in 07506 and require a self-storage space for your equipment, inventory, personal items, old vehicles, or anything else you’re looking to get out of the way but still have access to, look no further than Storage Post! We made sure to provide you easy access to multiple storage facilities — the closest being less than 2 miles away:

Haledon New Jersey - 45 Kossuth Street, Haledon, NJ 07508

Need somewhere to stow away your hiking gear near your favorite trails? Need storage space that’s conveniently located just north of Paterson? Do you want somewhere to store some extra things when you commute to and from New York City? Whatever your particular needs are, go with Storage Post!

Need Some Space? Call on Storage Post Today!

Whether you’re a commuter, student, resident, or any other walk of life you identify as in 07506 — we’ve got the storage for you! We offer secure, climate-controlled facilities just a quick trip away. To learn more about our team and facilities, reach out to a member of the Storage Post team today.

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