About the Area

07508 is a postal code bordered by a facet of New Jersey’s most prestigious academia, as well as some of its stellar natural beauty. This area, which includes towns like Haledon, Prospect Park, and North Haledon, acts as a physical gateway between a bustling metropolis and northern New Jersey’s sprawling landscapes. 

Below it is one of the Garden State’s most populous towns, Paterson — an eclectic melting pot of Asian and American cuisine and culture. Near its northernmost edge: the High Mountain Park Preserve and Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve. 07508 caters to the student, city commuter, as well as the adventurous outdoors person, making for a genuinely diverse collective community that comes together to celebrate one thing: its proximity to Post Storage self-storage facilities!

We offer you and your family residing in 07508 storage solutions that accommodate your unique storage needs. Whether you want to stow away some off-season hiking gear that’s been cluttering your basement, or you’re looking for a solution to make your relocation process a lot smoother, Post Storage is here.

The Communities of 07508

Located in Passaic County and about 25 miles from midtown New York City, 07508 offers its residents resourceful pillars of a well-rounded community, including public schools, eateries, parks, lakes, and more! Straddling the border of the postal code is William Paterson University, an institution home to some of New Jersey’s most exceptional students. Further up is the High Mountain Park Preserve, an expansive natural landscape full of scenic hiking trails and skyline views of New York and Manhattan from its summit. These institutions and attractions solidify 07508 as an ideal residential and tourist area for college students, young families, retirees, nature lovers — and just about every walk of life!

Storage Post Self-Storage Facilities Near 07508

If you live in or near 07508 and require a storage unit for your personal belongings, inventory, vehicles, or random items that you just aren’t sure what you’re doing with yet, turn to Storage Post — we’ve got the storage solutions for you! We have a wide variety of units available nearby, equipped with amenities that let you live your 07508 life to the fullest: 24-hour access, climate-controlled units, and interior loading availability.

Here are four Storage Post self-storage facilities near 07508: Haledon New Jersey - 45 Kossuth Street, Haledon, NJ 07508

We believe our customers deserve more than just the bare minimum. While lesser self-storage companies may settle for issuing you a key to a dingy unit, Storage Post goes above and beyond supplying you with moving supplies on-site to accommodate all of your storage needs and help you tackle your most significant moving projects

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