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Self-Storage in Ashley Heights, NJ

As the oldest section of Hawthorne, NJ, with borders that encompass Macfarlan, Mohawk, and Westervelt Avenues, Ashley Heights is a community with rich culture that offers so much enjoyment to its local residents and the many visitors who pass through the area. With the Passaic River, Hofstra Park, and the Southern point of Goffle Brook Park all situated near the outskirts of Ashley Heights, it’s hard to ignore the beautiful scenery, outdoor excitement, and other local attractions that this community has to offer. However, one thing that many local residents wish they had more of in Ashley Heights, NJ, is storage space — fortunately, Storage Post has self-storage centers conveniently located near the Ashley Heights Community!

The Ashley Heights, NJ, Community

Whether you are looking for a delicious meal or an outdoor adventure, you are almost guaranteed to find what you are searching for in Ashley Heights, NJ. Our self-storage center near Ashley Heights is situated right in the middle of all the action, allowing you to partake in the following activities on your way to and from Storage Post:

  • Fishing on the River
  • Hiking at Hofstra Park
  • Walks Along Mcfarland Avenue
  • Splash Park Playground
  • Tennis & Basketball at Hofstra Park
  • And So Much More!

It’s not uncommon for local residents of Ashley Heights, NJ, to store the equipment they use for outdoor recreational activities at our self-storage center nearby. However, we also provide self-storage units to Ashley Heights residents who simply need additional space for miscellaneous belongings that they lack the storage capacity for.

Storage Post Self-Storage Centers Near Ashley Heights, NJ

Any individual or family residing near Ashley Heights, NJ, who needs a secure self-storage unit can count on Storage Post to provide the space they need to gain some breathing room at home. We have four self-storage facilities within a 20-mile radius of Ashley Heights, including the following Storage Post locations:

The closest Storage Post self-storage center is less than a mile away from Ashley Heights, located on Kossuth Street in Haledon, NJ. However, you may have family that is living in another part of New Jersey, or perhaps even New York — so, if you are interested in sharing storage units with friends and family who are closer to another one of our self-storage locations, you might be able to find a solid compromise.

Start Storing Excess Belongings at Storage Post Today

Are you just about ready to relocate those unwanted or unneeded personal belongings so you can move forward and start living your best life? The friendly storage experts at Storage Post are eager to help residents from Ashley Heights, NJ, find convenient self-storage resources at one of our many facilities in the region. If you are interested in learning more about the amenities we offer, including climate-controlled units and perimeter fencing, contact Storage Post today with any questions you have about getting started!

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