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About the Area

Fords, NJ is located in the southeast corner of New Jersey at the mouth of the Hudson River. Our Storage Post location in Perth Amboy is a short drive away, and we love our southeast Jersey community.

Self-Storage in Fords, NJ

If you and your family enjoy outdoor activities year-round, you might not have enough space for all the winter and summer toys, snow equipment, patio furniture, seasonal decor and clothing you need. Storage Post offers a variety of self-storage units, including climate-controlled options, that leave space in your home while giving you easy access to these items when you need them.

The Fords, NJ Community


Living in Fords

Fords, NJ is the 16th best place to live in Middlesex County and ranks 34th out of 415 most diverse suburbs in all of New Jersey, according to 72% of residents own their homes, and if you enjoy outdoor activities, love health and fitness and are looking for great nightlife or a great place to raise a family, Fords is your destination of choice. 

Residents of Fords live within five miles of two of the state’s largest employment hubs: the Metropark in Iselin and the Raritan Center in Edison, the latter of which is home to many of the country’s largest shipping and distribution centers. 
Fords History

Fords has gone by a number of names through the years, including Sling Taile (for a creek that flowed through the area) and Fords Corner, named after the family that owned property well into the 20th century, including an inn reputed to be a staging area during the American Revolution for Patriots to bother the British troops. 

The suburb was then known as Sand Hills during the 18th and 19th centuries for the clay pits that furnished the raw materials for clay manufacturing that was a main source of employment. Eventually, the name returned to Fords. 

Weather in Fords

Like the rest of New Jersey, you get all four seasons of weather when you live in Fords, NJ. Winters are cold and blustery, and temperatures hover around 22°F in January and February. You can also expect about 25 inches of snow throughout the course of the winter. 

When summer rolls in, expect hot and humid conditions, with temperatures averaging at 86.1°F. 

Self-Storage Facilities Near Fords, NJ

We have a number of Storage Post locations near Fords, NJ with a variety of amenities to meet all your self-storage needs.
900 State St, Perth Amboy, NJ 08861
1051 Edward St, Linden, NJ 07036
401 South Park Avenue, Linden, NJ 07036
1189 Magnolia Ave, Elizabeth, NJ 07201

Why Choose Storage Post

If you live in Woodbridge Township, including Fords, NJ, you can only have a yard or garage sale up to three times per year — and that includes a rescheduled one due to rain. If you have to postpone and you’re at your maximum, a short-term self-storage unit can save space in your garage. 

Storage Post welcomes both month-to-month and long-term storage customers, so don’t risk the potential $500 fine for holding too many garage sales. Wait until spring, and we’ll safeguard your possessions. 

Anyone who has ever spent time straightening their hair, only to have it poof up as soon as the humidity touches it understands the effects of dampness. Not only is it bad for your hairstyle, but humidity and dampness cause trouble for delicate fabrics, wood, photos or books. 

One option is a climate-controlled self-storage unit, where temperatures remain between 55°F and 78°F year-round, and constant air circulation discourages mildew from growing. 
Our Perth Amboy Storage Post location is closest to Fords, NJ. The location has on-site parking, which will save you trying to figure out which side of the street you’re allowed to park on at any given time. Parking rules in New Jersey can be a little confusing, and Perth Amboy is no exception. We also have drive up-units and interior loading areas.

Stop by any of our Storage Post locations to see how we can help you with your self-storage needs in and near New Jersey.

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Free Yankees Tickets or up to 2 Months' Free Rent!
Free Yankees Tickets or up to 2 Months' Free Rent!