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Self-Storage in Hawthorne, NJ

As one of the most respected communities in all of North Jersey, Hawthorne has a special place in the hearts of many Garden State residents. From its gorgeous natural landscape to the charming developments and shopping centers located downtown, there has never been a shortage of recreation in the borough of Hawthorne, NJ. However, many individuals and families throughout Hawthorne have complained about one particular shortage — storage space. Fortunately, Storage Post has the supply of space needed to meet your demands! We offer a broad assortment of self-storage units at our facilities near Hawthorne, allowing you to store everything from old junk that was passed down from your great grandparents to large vehicles that you don’t want to leave outside when you aren’t using them.

The Hawthorne, NJ, Community

Next time you stop by one of Storage Post’s self-storage centers near Hawthorne, NJ, take a minute to appreciate the wonderful things this community has to offer! Of course, you probably already have a good idea of the fun that can be had in your own community. But just as a reminder, here are some of the things you can do after you finish up at Storage Post:

  • Fishing in Arnold’s Pond
  • Goffle Brook Dog Park
  • Sports at Wagaraw Field
  • Shopping on Lafayette Ave

What’s your favorite thing to do in Hawthorne? Of course, our favorite thing to do is provide much-needed storage space to residents and businesses throughout Hawthorne, NJ, but we love hearing about all the fun things our customers do when they aren’t hauling boxes into and out of storage units! So, next time you stop by one of our self-storage centers near Hawthorne, let us know what your favorite thing to do in the area is!

Storage Post Self-Storage Facilities Near Hawthorne, NJ

If you are currently a resident of Hawthorne NJ, or you plan to move into a new home in the area in the near future, don’t worry about finding space for belongings that won’t fit in your home — we’ve got that covered. You can outsource any of your excess personal belongings to one of the following Storage Post self-storage centers near Hawthorne, NJ:

As you can see, there are various locations to choose from when you need a place to store items that won’t fit in your attic, shed, or basement. If you live within the limits of Hawthorne and you don’t plan on stopping at your storage unit while commuting to work or driving to any other specific destinations, our Haledon location is your best bet, as it is less than two miles away. But another one of our self-storage centers in the area may be more suitable if you plan to travel elsewhere whenever you need to access your self-storage unit.

Start Adding Space to Your Home by Removing Clutter

If you are ready to remove clutter from your home in Hawthorne, NJ, so you can start taking back your living space, contact the friendly storage experts at Storage Post today to get started!