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About the Area

Our Perth Amboy Storage Post location is a 10 minute drive from Keasbey, and we love our Keasbey, NJ neighbor.

Self-Storage in Keasbey, NJ

Keasbey, NJ is located in the western outskirts of Perth Amboy, NJ. Ska punk band Catch 22 immortalized Keasbey in its song “Keasbey Nights” in 1998 on the album by the same name.
Lead singer Tomas Kalnoky was a hometown boy who made good, or at least made a good album. (Two albums actually, since he recorded the whole thing again with a different band.)

If you need a place to store your ska punk memorabilia, Storage Post has you covered. Old vinyl albums are fragile, so you’ll want to store them properly. One solution is a climate-controlled self-storage unit that keeps the temperature between 78°F in the summer and 55°F in the winter. 

The Keasbey, NJ Community

Living in Keasbey

Keasbey, NJ is considered dense urban, and 81% of residents rent their homes. The area ranks well in diversity, outdoor activities and public schools, so the area is a pretty good place to raise your family, and 45% of Keasbey residents are families with children.
Keasbey History

Keasbey was named for the Keasbey family, whose ancestor Edward Keasbey emigrated from England in 1694. He was a Society of Friends (Quaker) member and may have been escaping religious persecution. 
He settled in Salem, NJ, and eventually a branch of the family travelled 100 miles north to Keasbey and founded a brick works among other endeavours.  

Keasbey is located right on the Raritan River, and in the early days, it was a fun-in-the-sun destination known as Florida Grove. 

Unfortunately, it was also the site of fine clay deposits, and the beachfront was closed down at the end of the 19th century to make room for clay, brick and terracotta factories, including one owned by the Keasbey family. 
There is a lovely plaque to commemorate Florida Grove and a street remains in its honor. 

Weather in Keasbey

When you live on the river, the weather in Keasbey, NJ can blow in unexpectedly. January is the coldest month in Keasbey, with temperatures averaging between 25.9°F and 36.9°F. 

In contrast, in July, temperatures can average 82.8°F during the day and reach an average low of 69.4°F. As far as precipitation goes, Keasbey averages 25 inches of snow in the winter and 48 inches of rain per year. 

Self-Storage Facilities Near Keasbey, NJ

We have a number of Storage Post locations near Keasbey, NJ with a variety of amenities to meet all your self-storage needs. 

Perth Amboy on 900 State St, 08861
South Linden Location at 1051 Edward St 07036
Linden Storage Facility at 401 South Park Avenue, 07036
Elizabeth Self- Storage at 1189 Magnolia Ave, 07201

Why Choose Storage Post

If you’re one of the 45% of residents in Keasbey with children, you know how much room kids’ toys can take up. 

And if your family loves the outdoors year-round, you need room for bikes, wagons, sleds, beach toys, balls, dolls and everything in between. A self-storage unit is the perfect solution for off-season sports equipment.

If you enjoy outdoor activities like hunting and fishing, a self-storage unit can be the perfect place to store your fishing rods, nets, tackle, hip waders and other equipment.
While you can store your duck blinds, tree stands, archery equipment and hunting clothes in your self-storage unit, you are not permitted to store your guns and ammunition. Here’s some more information about things you should never store in a self-storage unit.
Our Perth Amboy Storage Post location is closest to Keasbey, NJ. When you want to get an early start on seasonal decor, we offer ground floor and drive-up storage units that allow you to get in and out quickly.
You can swap out your pumpkins, skeletons and Frankenstein for Frosty the Snowman, the reindeer and the six-foot Grinch in no time. 

Stop by any of our Storage Post Self-Storage locations in New Jersey to see how we can help you with your self-storage needs.

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Free Yankees Tickets or up to 2 Months' Free Rent!
Free Yankees Tickets or up to 2 Months' Free Rent!
Free Yankees Tickets or up to 2 Months' Free Rent!