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About the Area

South Amboy, NJ is located on Raritan Bay, just across the Raritan River from Perth Amboy. The New Jersey Turnpike (and most of the locals) refer to the area as The Amboys. A key point of commerce between Lower New York Bay and Philadelphia, South Amboy has always been an important transit hub, whether by stagecoach, railroad or boat.

Self-Storage in South Amboy, NJ

Storage Post is near the South Amboy, NJ community, and we love it there. The suburban city is small but mighty: Although only a mile square in size, the locale packs a lot of interest in a small space. 

Like our South Amboy neighbors, Storage Post are experts at packing a lot of things in small spaces, and our Perth Amboy Self-Storage location is happy to serve our South Amboy community. 

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The South Amboy, NJ Community



South Amboy likes to reinvent itself. The city was originally known as Radford’s Ferry, then designated from Perth Amboy Township in 1782 as South Amboy. Having grown into a much larger area, the city was formally recognized by The Township Act of 1798. 

Parts were hived off to form Monroe, Madison and Sayreville Townships, and, in 1888, the remainder became a borough. In 1908, the borough transformed into a city after a referendum. 

One of the landmarks of South Amboy, Great Beds Lighthouse, has had its own identity crisis. In 1878, the federal government decided to erect a lighthouse overlooking Raritan Bay and Lower New York Harbor. 

The government chose a location for the lighthouse just off the tip of Staten Island, which was in New Jersey. After the plans had been prepared, the decision was made to move the location of the lighthouse a quarter mile to the southeast. 

The first secession of the parcel of land from New Jersey to the federal government went ahead. But in preparing the second secession, an 1834 agreement that stated the land belonged to New York, not New Jersey, came to light, halting the lighthouse construction. 

In 1880, New York ceded a tract of underwater land and the Great Beds Lighthouse was built. 

South Amboy was also the location of two munitions explosions. In 1918, an explosion at the Gillespie Shell Loading Plant killed approximately 100 people, although the exact total was never known. 

In 1950, an explosion on the South Amboy pier occurred during the transfer of ammunition from railcars to a cargo ship. The explosion killed 32 dock workers, injured dozens of others and levelled the power grid. 

South Amboy has learned from its history, so you are not permitted to store ammunition or military shells and other things that go boom in your storage unit. Here’s some information on other things you can and cannot store in a self-storage unit


South Amboy is the perfect place to live if you like outdoor activities. Raritan Bay Waterfront Park has baseball, football and soccer fields, hiking and walking trails, bocce courts and natural areas, as well as room for picnics. It’s also a great place to fish. 

Fishing rods, nets, waders and tackle can take up lots of space, and a self-storage unit is the perfect place to store out of season fishing equipment, kayaks, paddles, life jackets and other fun-on-the-water items. 

In addition to outdoor activities, South Amboy gets high marks from for diversity. 53% of locals own their homes, and the median house value is $321,800, which is much higher than the national average of $229,800.

Fun fact: The movie Coyote Ugly, which critics hated and fans adored, was filmed in South Amboy, and the lead character, Violet “Jersey” Sandford, is from South Amboy. 


South Amboy, NJ, like the rest of the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S., gets all four seasons of weather, sometimes within 24 hours. 

Located right on Raritan Bay, you can expect a breeze to blow in from the water, and the air is often damp in the winter and humid and heavy in the summer. 

South Amboy temperatures in the winter can plummet as low as 22°F and then hit a high of around 86°F in the lazy, hazy summer days. That’s quite a temperature swing, and those kinds of fluctuations aren’t good for people, and certainly not good for furniture, clothing, delicate collectibles or papers and photographs. 

You can expect to deal with approximately 25 inches of snow in the winter and 48 inches of rain over the rest of the year. Some of that snow will blow in off the bay in the form of a nor’easter, which is a winter storm with an attitude of wind, snow, hail, storm surge and flash floods. 

A nor’easter’s summer cousin is the hurricane, and South Amboy has seen its share of damage due to hurricanes. Back in 2012, Hurricane Sandy came calling, wiped out power to South Amboy for days and caused massive damage to the waterfront. 

An easy solution for these weather extremes is a climate-controlled self-storage unit that keeps temperatures constant year-round and protects your items. 

Self-Storage Facilities Near South Amboy, NJ

Why Choose Storage Post

If you are moving to South Amboy from a part of the country that has more constant temperatures year-round (we’re looking at you, Florida), then you are going to need to add some items to your wardrobe, such as a winter puffer coat, boots, hats, scarves and mitts, plus snow removal equipment. 

Some of our self-storage units at our Perth Amboy location are large enough to hold a small boat and trailer, kayak or camping gear. They are located on the ground floor, so you can drive up, load and unload and be on your way. 

If you want to try to fit a kayak into the elevator and rent an interior unit on an upper floor, we won’t stop you. We have 24/7/365 camera surveillance, so you might end up on TikTok! We promise not to laugh at your efforts … much.

Self-storage is the perfect place to store seasonal items until you need them again. 

Did you know a self-storage unit is also the perfect solution for commercial or business needs? You can store supplies, equipment, inventory and more for a fraction of the cost of office space across the bay in Manhattan. 

Come and chat with our helpful staff at any of our locations to see how we can help you with your self-storage needs.

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