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Moving is stressful. That's true whether you're moving clear across the country or just from one part of the city to another. In the case of the latter, one way to make life easier is by renting a Hillburn self storage unit. Storage Post is the ideal place to temporarily store things until you get situated at your new place. We have all of the features you need to securely and affordably store your belongings. When you're ready to move them to your new home, just stop by and retrieve them. It couldn't be easier.

Avoid Stress-Inducing Contracts

Many self storage facilities require customers to sign long-term contracts. At Storage Post, we don't believe in backing people into corners. After all, everyone's storage needs are different. When moving, you may be ready for your things in a few weeks, or you might decide to store them for a much longer period of time. Our flexible contracts reflect the fact that people are often unsure about how much time they need. If you're in the 10931 ZIP code, you're sure to appreciate the flexibility that you'll enjoy with us.

The Perfect Fit for Your Belongings

Like many people, you may not have a clear idea about how much storage space you actually need. At our Suffern self storage facility, you'll find small lockers that are perfect for storing a few small things and large units that can accommodate the contents of an entire home. There are also several options in between, meaning you won't have to pay for space you don't need. We know how confusing self storage can be, and our goal is to strip away that confusion and provide the best customer service. When it comes to self storage, you can't do better.

Consider Climate-Controlled Storage

While you may not need storage for most of your things while moving, what about especially fragile items? It's risky to have them underfoot while moving to a new place. They're liable to be damaged or destroyed. Storage Post has climate-controlled storage units that are designed for delicate things like vintage clothes, important documents and fine jewelry. If you have items that shouldn't be exposed to extremely hot or cold temperatures, ask us about our climate-controlled units. They're a lot cheaper than you'd probably expect, and they are perfect for storing things that need to be kept out of harm's way.

Secure Self Storage

Your mind won't be completely at ease about self storage until you learn about the security measures that we take at Storage Post. We strive to provide the safest, most secure self storage in the 10931 area. We accomplish this goal by using units and lockers that are made out of reinforced steel, as well as providing 24-hour surveillance across the facility. You'll also breathe easier knowing that there are on-site employees. To enhance security even further, we have a personal access code system in place. You shouldn't have to worry about your stuff when it's in storage, and you never have to with Storage Post.

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