About the Area

About The Area

Easily accessible to New York City by rail, road, and waterways, the 11201 area is a highly desirable community to live in. As the most populous of New York City's five boroughs, Brooklyn living quarters are in high demand and come at a high price. With increased rents and home prices, many 11201 residents live in small spaces which don’t offer much in the way of storage space.

About self-storage near 11201

Area residents faced with a lack of storage space in their small homes and apartments are looking to store their items securely in a nearby facility. They choose the 11201 Storage Post facility because it is extremely convenient, easy accessible, and superior to any other storage options in the area.

Security at 11201 Storage Post

With your personal security as our top priority, we keep a watchful eye to make sure you and your storage unit are always safe. Each unit is equipped with an individual door alarm and call box/intercom to allow you to contact the office without leaving your unit. Each person entering the facility and units is tracked and monitored by their own individual personal access code. Every Storage Post facility is also staffed with on-site personnel and monitored by 24/7 video surveillance.

Why choose 11201 Storage Post

When you are looking for self storage in the 11201 area, look no further than Storage Post. Our fully secured facilities are squeaky clean and staffed by a specially trained team ready to help you find the perfect, climate-controlled self storage unit to suit your needs. Our affordable rates and flexible payment plans make storing all of your belongings easy and stress-free.


Brooklynites are constantly on the go, but stop by and see our facility before grabbing a hot dog at Coney Shack or after spending a day in one of the many beautiful area parks and we’ll show you how easy, safe, and affordable self-storage at Storage Post can be.


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