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About The Area

Residents of Marine Park, Bergen Beach, and Mill Basin love their easy water access and thriving neighborhood. Full of shops, restaurants, and tons of fun attractions, 11234 is always busy. But, with housing in high demand, residents often sacrifice storage for the sake of living in this amazing area. But they don’t worry about that when they are moving into their homes or apartments because they know that Storage Post is right around the corner.


About self-storage near 11234

11234 residents don’t consider a lack of storage at their home or apartment a problem at all. Almost everyone has two wardrobes to keep them cool during the hot, sticky summers and warm during the cold, snowy winters, but they don’t necessarily want or need both wardrobes in their bedroom closet. They store these wardrobes and anything else that they don’t immediately need in self storage units.


Security at 11234 Storage Post

Top of the line security measures such as on-site personnel, units and lockers made out of reinforced steel, 24-hour video surveillance, and personal access codes keep you and your belongings safe and secure at every Storage Post facility. We make sure our clients feel safe no matter when they visit their storage unit. We also protect your belongings from the elements with climate-controlled units. At Storage Post your personal security is our #1 priority and we also keep your treasured items safe from the heat, cold, and moisture. 


Why choose 11234 Storage Post

Our clients choose Storage Post because of our outstanding customer service, serious security measures, and affordable rates. Our friendly staff will help you find a perfectly sized, readily accessible, and secure unit suited specifically to your needs. When 11234 residents are looking to store their items in units that are secured against climate changes, weather, and intruders, they trust Storage Post.



Residents of 11234 are busy every day. The next time you are out to grab some goodies at Duet Bakery Boutique or grabbing a bite at the Arch Diner, stop by to see our facility. As a 11234 resident you have access to wonderful waterfronts, peaceful parks, and great golf courses. Safe, affordable self storage is also right around the corner. Give us a minute and let us show you how easy, safe, and affordable self-storage at Storage Post can be. 


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