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About The Area

Located in the southeastern portion of the borough of Brooklyn, the 11236 area of Canarsie is a working- and middle-class residential and commercial neighborhood full of one- and two-family homes and small apartment buildings. Being set between Paerdegat Basin, Fresh Creek, and Jamaica Bay, the area boasts many beautiful waterfronts.


About self-storage near 11236

Many of the homes in the area do not have adequate storage. For example, the close location of 11236 to the water makes the option of storing in a basement, if available, a risky endeavor. Area renters need storage as the move into and out of their residences as well as for some of their items that will not fit at their rental property. Homeowners in the 11236 area need additional storage for seasonal items and belongings that need to be quickly accessed but aren't used every day.


Security at 11236 Storage Post

We know security is your main concern when you are storing your valuables. Not just the safety of your items but your personal safety when you are at our facility. That is why we use top of the line security measures, such as on-site personnel, units and lockers made out of reinforced steel, 24-hour video surveillance, personal access codes, and motion lighting to keep you and your belongings safe and secure.


Why choose 11236 Storage Post

Summers are beautiful in the 11236 area, but extreme high temperatures and humidity can damage items that are not kept in a climate-controlled space. The same is true for winters in 11236. Cold, gusty winds coming off the water can make low temperatures feel even colder. You’ll want to keep your sensitive treasures in a climate controlled space that will keep everything at a constant temperature year round. Our specially trained staff will assist you in finding a perfectly sized, readily accessible, and secure unit suited specifically to your needs and are here to answer any questions you may have.



With lots of great restaurants and activities happening every day, there is always something to do in the 11236 area. Stop by our facility after lunch at Nicky’s Jamaican Cuisine or come see us before you head to the Canarsie Park for the day. Give us a minute and we’ll show you how easy, safe, and affordable self-storage at Storage Post can be. 

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