About the Area

Having a cluttered apartment doesn't mean that you are a bad housekeeper. When you live in the 11042 ZIP code, clutter usually happens as the result of not enough space. Storage Post can help you reclaim the space you need to live comfortably. Our storage stalls are clean, spacious and affordable. Clutter may be an inevitable fact of life in a small apartment, but you have options. When you need New Hyde Park self storage, the convenience of Storage Post can't be beat.

Self Storage for Any Budget

You may be hesitant to check into self storage because you fear you can't afford it. At Storage Post, that never has to be a concern. Our storage solutions are competitively priced. If you only need to store a few items, you can do that easily. We offer locker- sized units, document storage, parking stalls and several unit sizes in between.

The Best Security Money Can Buy

Your valuables are much more secure at Storage Post than they are in your apartment or garage. You always run the risk of theft or losing your items when you store them in your apartment in the 11042 ZIP code. At Storage Post, we take extensive measures to prevent these things from happening. Every person who visits our facility needs an access code to enter. Those who do not are accompanied by a security guard at all times. The facility is well-lit and all activity is recorded on a 24-hour surveillance video. Suspicious activity is immediately checked out by our on-site staff. Thieves or vandals never have the opportunity to get anywhere near your storage unit. If any authorized access takes place, an alarm will sound at once.

Your Valuables are Safe Inside of Our Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Another danger of leaving extremely valuable items at home is that they can get damaged by humidity and severe weather. At Storage Post, every storage unit is climate-controlled to prevent the slightest bit of damage. You won't find wrinkled corners on your papers or mold spots on your furniture. If you own anything that is irreplaceable, keeping the items in a climate-controlled environment is crucial. You can keep your items here for months or years without a second thought.

Contract Choices to Fit Your Busy Lifestyle

You need New Hyde Park or Long Island self storage, not a long contract that limits your flexibility. Storage Post works with you to ensure that you get contract terms that meet your needs. We understand that life can be unpredictable and you may not be able to commit to an annual contract. With Storage Post, you don't have to. We offer month-to-month contracts for people whose lifestyles are always on the go. You can store your items with us one month and pick up and move the next. You can't always control the future, but you can control your storage contract. Storage Post is here to make sure you meet your next life stage stress-free.

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