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Even if your Mineola home or apartment has plenty of space, how you use that space is always changing. Today's workout room may be tomorrow's nursery or home office. As kids leave for college, new spaces open up for that studio or guest bedroom. Make room for these changes at Storage Post. A storage unit is the ideal way to find more living space in your home.

De-Clutter Your Mineola Home

Today's necessity can become tomorrow's clutter. That exercise equipment you no longer use or the toddler furniture your child has outgrown takes up space in your home and limits how you live. You don't need a larger home to hold it all; you need more storage for the home you already have. Storage Post offers everything from locker units for small items to spacious storage units that can hold all the furniture in a five-bedroom house.

Safer Storage Solutions for You and Your Belongings

When you visit your basement or attic to store something, the first thing you do is turn on the light. At our New Hyde Park self storage facility, we follow the same principle. You'll find your Storage Post unit and its surroundings brilliantly lit for your safety. Bright lighting also makes it easy for our 24-hour video surveillance system to see everything. A highly trained security team monitors our cameras and does frequent walkthroughs of the facility. From the tamper-proof rolled steel construction of your storage unit to the individual door alarms that alert our security staff of any unusual activity, safety features secure your belongings.

Climate Control Makes a Difference

Whether it's during a scorching summer heat wave or in the heart of winter's worst cold snaps, you're more comfortable inside where the temperature is just right. Your belongings also need climate control, but it isn't just for comfort. High humidity and temperature extremes can cause wood to warp, paper to degrade and fabrics to deteriorate. With a climate-controlled storage unit, your Mineola self storage solution protects everything from antique furniture to your old baseball card collection.

Flexible Storage Plans Give You Options

Having more storage is important, but it shouldn't come at the cost of flexibility. As your lifestyle changes, you may need to expand your storage options. Storage Post gives you more choice with a wide range of storage unit sizes and flexible monthly plans that let you pick your best storage solution. If you only need seasonal storage, a month-to-month plan is available. Store your snowmobile and skis in the summer and your lawn care equipment in the winter. When you need a larger or smaller unit, we'll help you make the switch. Affordable monthly plans also accommodate any budget.

If you live in the 11501 zip code in Mineola, find yourself a storage solution today with Storage Post.

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