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Safe & Secure Self-Storage in Rockville Centre, NY 11570

Looking to outsource your overflow of personal belongings? 

Whether you’re moving into a brand new home, transitioning to a bigger office, or you’re simply trying to avoid making it onto the next season of A&E’s hit TV series, Hoarders, you can rely on Storage Post for a safe, climate-controlled storage unit in Rockville Centre (This location was previously known as The Self Storage Center and Metro Storage), New York. Located near Long Beach Road and Sunrise Hwy, our self-storage facility in Rockville Centre, NY, offers 24-hour access to ensure local residents convenient access to their personal belongings. 

Reliable Self-Storage on Maple Ave in Rockville Centre, New York

We keep our cameras rolling 24 hours a day, just in case anything cool happens to your stuff while we’re holding on to it for you. If any thugs break into our storage facility and attempt to steal your belongings, the cameras will catch that too. The cameras will also catch the hysteria that follows, as the intruder will only hurt themselves trying to break into your unit. 

Even if a burglar gets into your storage space somehow, each unit is equipped with its own alarm system that’s programmed to sound off the moment anybody attempts an unauthorized entry. Lastly, our self-storage facility in Rockville Centre, NY, features complete perimeter fencing — so the likelihood of any of that actually happening is, well, unlikely. 

If you still need reassurance after all that, we offer protection plans in case any of your items are damaged or stolen while stored in our facility. 

Other amenities you get with Storage Post

Friendly Storage Experts - Got questions about your unit? Need help with interior loading? One of our Friendly Storage Experts will help you select the perfect unit for your storage needs, and they are available to consult with you on-site anytime during normal work hours. 

Call Boxes and Intercoms - If you need assistance from one of our Friendly Storage Experts, you don’t have to leave your unit! Contact the office instantly with the push of a button, and we’ll help you with any questions you have. This is a win-win because we hate getting up too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Storage Post self-storage units climate controlled?
They certainly are. If you have belongings that are sensitive to extreme temperatures, you can rest assured that Storage Post self-storage units offer climate-control settings.

What types of items are prohibited from storage?
Flammable items or chemicals, guns, and food. Also, please no dead bodies or livestock in the units. Actually, no bodies in general; you’re not allowed to live in your storage unit nor are your pets.

What happens if I’m late on my rent?
Late fees are handled on a case-by-case basis. If you are behind on payments for as long as six months to a year, you might be looking at increased rent.

Do you have a vending machine?
No, sorry. We’re pretty strict about that no food rule.

Call Hoarders and tell them your episode is canceled

Ready to outsource your outdated junk and unwanted personal belongings to a clean, safe, and secure self-storage unit? Our Rockville store offers 24-hour access, so you can reach your storage at any time, we offer interior loading to keep you and your stuff dry while loading in and out, and we also have climate controlled units that are heated and cooled to keep you comfortable no matter what the weather is.

Contact one of our Friendly Storage Experts today to get the reservation process (and your stuff) moving!

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