5 Unique Storage Issues in New York City

Approximately 8 million people live in NYC, and the city that never sleeps has some unique storage challenges for residents. Here’s a rundown of five unique storage issues in New York City. 

You may have read our article on Why New Yorker's Need More Space, this article lists the various reasons.

1. Space

According to the Rent Guidelines Board for New York, in 2017, there were 3.5 million apartment units in NYC. Permits for new construction increased by 27%, so that number has increased since then. 

With so many people living in vertical towers in the sky, space and storage can challenge even the most dedicated minimalist. 

As anyone who has ever lived in an apartment knows, there is generally not a great deal of storage space. Not to mention NYC’s micro-apartments, which are approximately 150 square feet and often without closets. 

Even something as simple as holiday decor, large appliances, hobby supplies, books, movies or music collections can take large amounts of real estate in a tiny apartment. This is something New Yorkers know all too well. 

2. Couture and Climate

New Yorkers are fashionable, and clothes take space. And if you are a fashionista living in a small apartment, style will battle with space for supremacy. 

New York has lots of temperature variations, including snow, rain, sleet, oppressive heat and everything in between, and that requires different layers and types of clothing to deal with the four seasons. 

One simple solution is to store all your out-of-season clothes in an off-site self-storage unit, which you can treat like your personal walk-in closet. Many have indoor, climate-controlled units that protect your investment pieces. 

3. Moving In, Out and Around The Big Apple

New York City comprises five boroughs: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Whenever and wherever you move, dealing with your stuff is always a pain.

If you need to find a different place to live, that can take time and you might need to find a roommate (or three). Storage can be a problem when you have a bunch of stuff and nowhere to put it in the meantime. 

4. The Gypsy Life

Thousands of people flock to NYC every year hoping for their big theatre break. 

With 40 Broadway theatres and many more off- and off-off-Broadway regional theatres, repertory theatres, touring companies and the like, opportunities may arrive that require lengthy stays in NYC (can you say year-long West Side Story revival with a global touring company?) 

In addition, many small theatre companies do not have a home theatre base and rent space to stage productions. Costumes, set pieces, props and backdrops take a great deal of space. This is one unique storage challenge that only NYC theatre folk truly “get.” 

5. Vehicle Storage

Last but certainly not least is the dreaded parking situation in NYC. Parking in any large city is a challenge, but the struggle in NYC is real. And if you’re in Manhattan, fuhgeddaboudit. 

If you do have a car, price tags for a parking space are an additional fee when buying an apartment and can be in the hundreds of thousands (or more!). Or you could end up paying upwards of $500 a month to rent a spot.

This is why many New Yorkers and Manhattanites opt for public transit, walking or biking to their destinations. 

Never a Dull Moment 

Ah, life in NYC is always an adventure, but with that adventure comes unique storage issues for people living there.

Luckily, there is a solution for all of NYC’s unique storage challenges and that’s self-storage. Off-site self-storage can take some of the pressure off living in a city when you have lots of stuff or not enough space. 

If you’re In NYC and need some short- or long-term storage, Storage Post can help. Check out all our NYC locations.

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