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Yorktown Heights, NY Storage Unit Amenities

Our Yorktown Heights, NY location has a full range of self-storage units from small 5’x 5’ lockers and small units to store your documents, out-of-season clothes and collectibles to large 10’ x 10’ units big enough to hold contest-winning seasonal decorative display, including plastic Bumble the Snowman and the haunted house.

Climate-Controlled Units

We cannot stop the weather when it comes in off the Croton River, and sometimes it feels like all four seasons are partying at once in Yorktown Heights. It’s not fun for people, and it's definitely not good for your possessions. That's why we keep our self-storage units climate-controlled at 78°F in the summer and 55°F in the winter. 

Security Cameras

People in Yorktown Heights have a long history of keeping an eye on shady people, going right back to the American Revolution when the British figured they would just sneak on up the Croton River. You know how THAT worked out. We have 24/7/365 security cameras watching out for suspicious things, people and activity. We will see you, so don’t even think about it. 

24-Hour Access

Even if our office is closed, you can still have access to your self-storage unit at whatever time you like, day, night or weekend. With our digital security system, your personal digital access code lets you in and out anytime. And if you try to fake an access code, you will trigger our alarm system.

Motion-Activated Lighting

We have bright motion-activated security lighting in our facility, so you can always see what you are doing and who else might be in the area (and we can see you with the cameras!).

Digital Security System

No code, no entry. Every person needs a digital access code to enter the facility, and their unit. It’s another way we keep you safe. 


Stairs are so last century. If your storage unit is an interior one on the upper level, you can use your digital access code to operate the elevator. It’s your ticket to ride. 

Drive-Up Units 

We have ground level and drive-up units that let you get in and out quickly. Just load straight to and from your truck and be on your way. That’s particularly handy when Mother Nature decides snow is good and dumps a Nor’easter while the snowblower and shovels are still in the unit. 

No-Contact Rental/Online Bill Pay

And when that Nor’easter is blowing and you’re finished shovelling, that last thing you want to do is worry about paying your bill for your self-storage unit. You can use our no-contact rental and online bill pay to rent a unit, digitally sign your agreement, and view and pay your bill online without ever leaving your couch. 

Boxes, Packing and Moving Supplies

We believe in reduce-reuse-recycle as much as anyone, but sometimes using sketchy liquor store boxes for great-grandma’s china from the old country is just a bad idea. We have a full complement of packing supplies and moving boxes to help keep your treasures safe. 

Dollies and Hand Carts

You can borrow a dolly or hand cart to make moving heavy or oddly-shaped things a bit easier for you and your back. 

Referral Program

You can earn a $50 credit for every person you refer to us, and who doesn't need some extra cash?

Protection Plan Available

We do everything we can to keep your possessions safe and secure, but sometimes stuff happens. Did you know that your homeowner’s insurance might not cover damages in a self-storage unit, and if it does, it could cause a huge increase in your premium? We have a number of self-storage insurance options, some costing as little as $10 a month. We’re happy to explain the details to you, so don't be afraid to ask. 

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff members are pretty amazing, and they can help you choose the right unit, discuss the benefits of storage unit insurance or help you out if your GPS thinks you are in Yorktown, Virginia, instead of Yorktown Heights, NY. 

Getting to Our Yorktown Heights Location

If you’re local, our Yorktown Heights location used to be known as Men On the Move Storage, and we are located on Front Street, just off of Hanover Street and Underhill Ave.

If you’re coming from Katonah, after you’ve visited Muscoot Farm (they have donkeys! That's right, donkeys!), head south and turn right onto NY-100 S. Turn right onto Boone Rd, right onto Hanover St, left onto Moseman Rd and right onto Front St. 

If you’re coming from Granite Springs, take Mahopac Ave once you figure out what the GPS is trying to tell you with the name. Continue onto Pine Bridge Rd, turn right onto Moseman Ave and right onto Front St. 

If you’re coming from Croton-on-Hudson, debate how a river could be on another river for way too long. Continue to bicker, then head north and turn right on Old Post Rd N. Continue straight onto Grand St, then take a slight left onto NY-129 E/Grand St. Continue to follow NY-129 E. Turn left onto Underhill Ave, then turn right to stay on Underhill Ave, turn right onto Front St. 

What’s it Like in Yorktown Heights, New York?

Yorktown Heights has been around since 1683, and if you’re looking for cool things to do, we have you covered

While most people know about the Battle of Yorktown (Virginia) that ended the American Revolution and birthed the USA, Yorktown Heights was no slouch either. First of all, the British tried to use it as a conduit to victory, and the 1st Rhode Island Regiment stopped them in their tracks, protecting the Pines Bridge across the Croton River. Second, the 1st Rhode Island Regiment was pretty cool, because it was made up of African-American and Native American soldiers, which even in the late 1700s was a pretty unusual occurrence. In honor of their efforts, a monument was erected in 1982 on Crompond Road.
The town of Yorktown created a butterfly sanctuary in 2020 since it is right on the migratory route of Monarch butterflies. They (the town, not the butterflies) have planted a bunch of milkweed plants, and thousands of “citizen scientists” track the Monarchs, count the butterflies and add the data from others all over the continent. 

And marijuana might be legal in New York State, but you’ll have to go elsewhere to purchase it if you live in Yorktown. The town opted-out of allowing retail sales.

Storage Post Self-Storage Centers Near Yorktown Heights

As one of the premier suburbs of New York City, Yorktown Heights is a rural-ish community with very unique self-storage needs. If you live near one of our self-storage centers, listed below, give us a call the next time you need help finding space to store your old stuff:

1760 Front St, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Why Storage Post?

Local Knowledge

We know the Unique Storage Issues New Yorkers Face, we’ll get you to Yorktown Heights, instead of Yorktown in Virginia or in New Jersey, and we’ll tell you the best food places close by.

Safety and Security

We don’t mess around when it comes to safety and security. We have 24/7/365 video surveillance and a digital security system with personal access codes so we always know who is on-site and when.  

Transparency and Convenience

So Yorktown may have become infamous for spy games when Robert Hanssen was quietly living here with his wife and six kids while committing treason, but there’s nothing shady about our prices. We believe in transparency, with all prices listed up front, no bait and switch and no vague administration fees, and you can review and pay your bill right online. 

Helpful Staff

Our staff can help you with questions about self-storage unit size, storage unit insurance, or why Yorktown and Yorktown Heights seem to be the same thing (they aren’t; it’s a school district thing and it’s important.) They can also lend you the tape gun, set you up with an access code and give you the details on the best coffee.  

Storage Post is committed to safety and security, transparent costs and quality customer service. Call us today at 914.614.8731 or visit our Yorktown Heights location! 

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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Free Yankees Tickets or up to 2 Months' Free Rent!
Free Yankees Tickets or up to 2 Months' Free Rent!