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Self Storage 101

Just because you're moving doesn't mean your clothes have to get all wrinkled.

When storing and packing your wardrobe: ■ Pack clothing that ordinarily hangs in a closet in a wardrobe carton. Wardrobe cartons allow you to hang and protect clothing items that could otherwise be wrinkled or damaged during a move. ■ You can put a single layer of shoes in the bottom of wardrobe cartons, but do not pack heavy items on top of shoes. ■ You should pack hats in large cartons and mark them as “fragile” so they aren’t crushed. ■ For bulkier items, such as sweaters and blankets, storage compression bags are the perfect packing solution. Compression bags work by removing the air in a packing bag, which shrinks the size of the bag and protects the contents from harm during transportation.

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