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Self Storage 101

Don't put your back out for your first week in your new home! Follow our tips for how to pack and unpack wisely.

You’ve packed the boxes and rented the self storage unit…now what? Your next step is to ensure your safety while loading (and unloading) your storage unit. ■ On the day of your storage unit move-in, wear supportive footwear and avoid excess fabric that may get snagged. When packing, keep all boxes to a maximum of 40 pounds, or less if necessary. You will be loading them into your car or moving truck, and then unloading the boxes at the self storage facility, which can be tiring. ■ To ensure the prevention of injuries, practice safe lifting: keep your back straight, lift with your legs, and don’t lift an item that’s too heavy. If it’s too heavy, get a friend to assist, or grab a hand cart. ■ Drink water throughout the loading and unloading process to prevent dehydration. ■ Once you arrive at the storage facility, be aware of your surroundings and look for a safe place to park and unload. Drive-up units or indoor loading areas offer increased safety and unloading ease. Use hand carts and available elevators to sustain your energy while making the multiple trips to your storage space. ■ Once unloaded, and before you start tossing items into your unit, consider a planned approach. Items that will frequently be retrieved from your storage unit should be packed near the door for quick access. While stacking boxes, make sure heavier boxes are placed on the bottom, with lighter items on top, to keep the stacks sturdy. To facilitate a faster search for storage unit items, create an aisle walkway that lets you reach the majority of stored goods in just a few steps. ■ While choosing a storage unit is an important step in the self storage process, the safety of you and your items should be given top consideration.

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