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Moving made easy

Don't trust the Man with a Van with Fluffy!

Choose a moving method for your pet. You can either hire a professional pet-moving service to transport your precious cargo, or you can do it yourself. Movers are not permitted to transport pets, nor are buses and trains (with Seeing Eye dogs being the only exception). If traveling by car with your pet, consider these tips: ■ Do not feed or give water to your pet for a few hours before you leave, and then feed only once daily while on the road. ■ Make frequent stops to provide them with water and exercise. ■ If you find yourself in an unavoidable situation of leaving your pet in the car, lock the doors, crack your windows on both sides for cross-ventilation and leave water. ■ Check on your pet frequently. ■ Birds and other small caged animals should be covered to keep them calm, and their food and water dishes should be removed to avoid a mess while the car is in motion.

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