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Holiday storage tips for retail

Nobody likes taking down the Christmas tree. But nobody likes unpacking it to find it's ruined either! Follow these tips to keep your synthetic tree in good shape for many years to come!

After the holidays, the largest and bulkiest item to put away is usually your synthetic tree. To disassemble the tree, clear it of ornaments and remove the sections from the top down. Once each section is removed, gently shape the branches back toward the center to make them smaller. Wrap the tree’s sections with twine to keep the branches in place and prevent damage. If you still have them, place the protective caps on the end of each section’s center pole. Once disassembled, place each section in the original box, or use a tree storage bag. Storing the tree in a box or bag prevents dust, pests or moisture from damaging the synthetic materials or lights. Be sure the storage environment has a manageable humidity and temperature level to best protect the tree.

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