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Self Storage 101

A storage unit is no place for Fluffy! Learn what not to store at Storage Post.

Common sense should tell most of us that the items on the list below are a definite self storage “no-no.” That said, we’ve seen it all when it comes to what people end up storing, so it’s worth repeating. ■ Food: Keeping food items in a closed unit for indeterminate lengths of times does not end well and can result in unwanted pests and bacteria contamination. It's also gross. ■ Combustible, toxic materials and explosives: Do not store any highly flammable goods or explosives in your storage unit, or any other goods that could present a danger to the facility. Examples: fireworks, propane tanks, kerosene, acid, compressed gas, ammunition, missile launchers, atomic bombs, etc. ■ Illegal substances: Storage units shouldn’t be used to house illegal substances of any kind, including drugs, and drug money. Breaking Bad is fictional, guys! ■ Irreplaceable items: Whether an item has only sentimental value or is worth millions, do not store irreplaceable belongings, like family heirlooms and photographs, in a storage unit. A better place for precious personal items would be your house (e.g. closet, locked safe). Keep them secret; keep them safe. ■ Anything that’s alive: Never store any live animals, plants or people in storage units for any reason.

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The staff very helpful, facility more secure and cleaner than last place we were at.


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