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Holiday storage tips for retail

If it goes "clunk" it ain't packed safely.

When wraping ornaments and other delicate items: ■ Use ornament boxes and lots of bubble wrap. ■ When a box is packed, fill the remaining crevices and gaps with packing peanuts and additional paper. If you can hear clunking noises when you gently move the box, then your items are not yet secure. Close and tape the box firmly to prevent unintended spilling or box breaking. ■ Mark the outside of the box “fragile” on at least three sides using a thick, black marker. When loading the boxes into a vehicle, be sure not to stack heavy items on top. Also, if possible, secure fragile boxes using cords and cables to prevent additional moving in transit.

What People are Saying

The office staff is friendly and interested in helping you. The hours are convenient and the place is reasonably well kept. My only reservation is that they could do a slightly better job with pest control, but some of that responsibility is on fellow storage customers that leave food in their units even though the policy clearly states they can't do that. Overall a great place to keep your things while you figure out a more permanent place for them.


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