Motorcycle storage

Motorcycle Storage Solutions at Storage Post

If you're a motorcycle enthusiast, you know that your motorcycle is more than just a mode of transportation—it's a passion. And like any passion, it requires proper care and attention to ensure it remains in good condition. Self-storage facilities offer a range of storage units to accommodate motorcycles.

Storage Post provides secure, accessible locations where you can store your motorcycle when it's not in use.

Benefits of Storing Your Motorcycle at a Self-Storage Facility:

  1. Security: Keeping your motorcycle on the street or in the driveway doesn't provide a lot of protection. Storage Post offers security amenities like gated access, 24-hour surveillance cameras, and keycode or card entry systems to help protect your ride from theft and vandalism.
  2. Space Saving: If you don't have a designated garage space or room in the driveway, finding a safe place to store your motorcycle when you're not on the road can be a challenge. Storage facilities like Storage Post provide a convenient, affordable alternative that doesn't require sacrificing valuable garage or driveway real estate.
  3. Easy Access: Motorcycle storage keeps your bike safe and protected when you don't need it, but what about when you do? Storage Post's extended access hours grant you the freedom to hit the road whenever you want. And our month-to-month rental agreements give you the flexibility to store your motorcycle for as long or as little, as you need.
  4. Saves Money: Properly storing your motorcycle when it's not in use can help extend its lifespan, which can save money in the long run. Damage from the elements and vandalism can lead to expensive repairs, but storing your bike in a safe, secure place can help avoid these issues.

Considerations Before Storing Your Motorcycle

Before selecting a self-storage facility for your car, consider several things.

  • Location: Choose a facility that is conveniently located near your home or workplace to make it easier to access your motorcycle when you need it.
  • Preparation: Before you store your motorcycle, it's good practice to clean and wax the exterior, change any filters, top off all fluids and inflate the tires. Also, invest in a quality, non-plastic cover like acrylic or polyester to protect against dust and moisture.
  • Facility Features: Choose a facility with strong security features and convenient operating hours so your motorcycle remains accessible and well-protected.
  • Insurance: Check your motorcycle insurance policy to see if they cover storage. You can also invest in storage insurance for additional coverage. Make sure the policy covers vehicles specifically.

At Storage Post, we understand the importance of motorcycle storage and offer competitive options for outdoor parking to meet your needs. You can trust us to provide a safe and reliable storage solution for your vehicle with our secure facilities and convenient amenities. With multiple locations, we make it easy to find motorcycle storage near you.