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Clean facilities, but needs better elevators. Process also seem high.
Dave Garwacke
Fast and convenient
Ebony Chisholm
They handle customer very will and they are very friendly
Eunice May
Open for 24/7. They promised 2 free months for storage room, but actually it’s not. Be prepared for this
Lia S
Younger staffers and night staff extremely courteous, night staff most helpful.
Solel Soleil
Update: I’m unfortunately dropping my rating to a solid 3 stars. I stopped in yesterday and it’s was hot as heck on the second floor. I almost passed out trying to put items in my unit. I think they were having AC issues but the unit seemed cooler than the walkway which was weird to me but maybe the cooler air that was trapped inside of the unit accounted for this. I’m still hopeful that these are all rare occurrences that just unfortunately have been my first impressions. Original: Overall I give somewhere between 3 and 4 stars. Facility is well maintained on first impressions. Staff was friendly and helpful when I stopped in to finalize my reservation on Friday. On Saturday I came in to locate the unit and drop off a few items. I couldn’t find the unit. I went downstairs to get assistance locating it and was pretty much told it was on the 2nd floor. Thanks Captain Obvious, but where on the 2nd floor? I was given further unhelpful directions and after wandering around for another 10 minutes I went back to the office. This time thankfully, I was escorted upstairs by another associate and after navigating the maze we were finally able to locate the unit. I broke the seal on the unit and unfortunately it wasn’t properly checked before rental. I found a random shampoo bottle, ripped photos and just an overall not properly vetted unit. Thankfully I brought Lysol and Wipes with me. It’s a smaller unit but it has more space than I expected. The price is unbeatable and hopefully now that the move-in kinks are out of the way it will be smooth sailing going forward.
T.K. Stall
It's great ,the environment is great to, but on top of the some storage units the barrier can be cut with bolt cutters...I think that is too thin but you can see for yourself.
Stephen Francois
Late charges and response during covid has been difficult. A lock was placed on our items preventing entrance. We were charged almost $50 while waiting for the office to respond to us having covid payments on time.
Gregory Garvin
Prices going up.
David Walters
Really good when I signed up, but a definite degradation on the level of service. Recent weekend visit wasn't unpleasant, but definitely got disinterested, lackadaisical staffer.
Andrew Wilson
Only one of the elevators worked, which slowed down how quickly I could move my stuff in and cost me more with my moving company.
Santi Slade
Freight elevator broke down. Doors slightly loose.
Roshni Shah