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This was my first time renting a storage unit. The prices were very reasonable compared to others. The representative I spoke with was very helpful and patient with me as she explained the dimensions of the unit and the amount of items that would fit into the space. The company was very thorough and called to verify some information before taking any action that might have an adverse effect on my reservation (Rey). On the day of my move, the movers came late and the window of time that would allow me to get to the office was compromised. However, I called and spoke with Muhammad and Rey and they stayed an additional half an hour. That gave enough time to jump in a cab ahead of the movers and get my keys and sign the contract so I could move into the unit! I just want to say thank you both for being so accommodating and pleasant throughout the various phone calls and evenmore when I got to the facility. The process once we were at the facility was very smooth. The dollies and hand carts made the transfer of items from the truck to the unit quite easy. Thanks again, gentlemen for everything!!!!
Wendy Nathaniel
Customer service was outstanding! Made the process a breeze. Very helpful. Thank you
Moved here from public storage. Staff at Public was cool but the company is not. Gets you in then jacks up your rent in 6 months. After 2 years rent was almost double. Carts sucked, elevators smaller etc... Everything about storage post is better. Everything. From the sales person, to the manager, the staff, the facility. Customer service is stellar here. Couldn’t recommend more.
stefan andemicael
Love it
nydia torres
The staff at the LIC site are the friendliest, most helpful team I’ve ever worked with. Great personal touch.
Lyn Pinezich
The staff was helpful and friendly and did a fantastic job getting us set up. The facility is excellent, clean, and affordable. Overall a great experience and highly recommended!
PR Harbin
The facilityis in a great area and the building is huge !!! I was fixed and located in too speed Morrison ....if you go their ask for Morrison !!!
bleke223 dagettogod
This storage unit is excellent friendly staff willing to help you with any problem you may encounter 5 Stars
Diane MacBird
Love it! I have 2 units!!
Lisa Taibi
I like the place. Good prices and very comfortable.
Storage Post is great. My move went smoothly. I would recommend them to anyone.
Catharine Pizzarello
Moe is the best He’s one of the best at that location he explained everything to me and I had a wonderful experience and will refer him to anyone I know looking for a unit
2fly Gggg