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Nice staff clean place price a bit high other than that good place
J Mota
Need to be 24/7 again.
Yesenia Santos
It's ok!
Johanna Vasquez
Your own entryway code.
Jessica Sosa
Very clean place nice stsff.but they claim to have climate control units. I have been there several times its almost like standing outside. Its cold as a freezerinthere6
Stacy Watkins
Ever since they changed the name it hasn't been the same
Jobita Morales
Lack of parking
Mariveth Cruz de Taveras
Excellent customer service. Loading lock situation on Grand street less than ideal. The adjacent car repair shop is hogging up parking space! 9 months in things have taken a different turn: without notification to all existing cliënts opening hours have changed from 24-hour access to a 6a-6p schedule. (Four star facility loses one star.) I beg your pardon: without notification changing the rules? I.o.w. not caring about your cliënts. What kind of management is running this place? "Excuse us, we have good reasons to change our policy and starting next month, next quarter our opening hours will change!" Not a single word. Crickets... That will cost you (at least) one star. Talking about management: I called customer service to find out what is going on. "I am sorry sir, because of mismanagement and irregularities at the 32 Grand Ave location we had to replace the staff.. and limit opening hours to the people that really need 24-hour access." Guess what: I was one of those people! And what kind of mismanagement? If you'd read down the customer reviews you find out that the main thing people (cliënts) are raving about is the local staff. That you (who are you?) just fired, replaced, your staff, or what the heck?! Who-ever runs this place has totally lost touch with reality. So disappointed. Oh wait. There goes another star..
Misja van den Burg
It is a good place to keep stuff, a little expensive...
enio segovia
(Translated by Google) Well site (Original) Bien sitio
Alvaro Ortega
Doesn't have climate controlled units
Gina Guttuso
Nice place nice people
Rene Cuadra