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Devon is really an extremely good worker with the best attitude. Something is not right with the woman called Dana. She seems to want to start an argument. Try avoiding her and you may have a better experience with this Storage company. Unfortunately, sometimes she is the only one at the desk. This woman is not a good worker and has a bad attitude. This is the main reason for only 3 stars.
Watcher Eighteighetyeight
not enough hand trucks and some are broken. Need to attend to that
M Banker
Friendly people ok pricing
United Public Radio
Overall, a good place lacking an adequate number of carts. This is my first experience using a storage facility, and although i really have no issue with the day-to-day of the facility, the reduction from what would have been a 5-star, down to a 3-star is specifically around my experience 'moving in'. Its a fairly large storage facility that is moderately unoccupied by people (i've gone in at 6AM, 2PM, 5PM, etc.). Although there are generally not many occupants, there are only three trollies in the main area. It took me 2 hours to move into a 7.5x10 room becuase i had to use my personal pull-cart (used for carrying the kids around ). If they had sufficient trollies in the facility (or one available when i needed it) this wouldve been a 30 minute process of 3 trips, instead it took me over 12 trips.
Jose De Jesus
On the negative side, no one was in the office the day I arrived, so I wasted a lot of time waiting for a response. My locker is also on the sixth floor and around some tight corners, so the logistics were challenging. On a positive note, the people who did finally help me were great - very courteous and professional.
Bruce Morton
It's a place to store your belonging.
Cruz A. Ayala
I forgot how to open the "garage doors" to the loading dock. It took me a long time to find the "open" buttons- They should be closer to the doors for entry for convenience. I really struggled w the cylinder lock, getting it back in & lined up to close - I had to do it twice & both times I was so grateful other people were with me... I REALLY would appreciate a regular heavy duty key lock!!
Amy Sue
Everything appears to be good with the storage space. But, the reservation wasn't clear that it was not climate controlled and a $15 admin fee on top of that.
Daniel Morgan
the staff was very pleasant and helpful. I appreciate that. The reason for the 3 stars is because. As soon as I opened locker I saw mouse droppings all over the container. I decided I wouldn't leave clothes bc I couldn't chance anything getting ruined. So as much as the staff was great I'm very upset about the dirty container and may just decide to leave my stuff elsewhere. I refuse to put my clothes I to that container and that defeats my purpose for having storage in the first place... Not expecting use dropping on the 4th container from the top... either way. Can't Won't leave clothing there.
peggy luque
this place is like a little shop of horror. i see patrons hanging out in the hallways. i only use them BC i need them!
Robert Morales
Andre Knoll Sr
They handle customer very will and they are very friendly
Eunice May