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Manager is rude
Kevin Farge
PROS: They guy who works at the front desk is pretty helpful and laid back. The price of the storage rooms are great for the amount of space that you receive. CON: The woman at the front desk named DANA. TERRIBLE attitude with minimal customer service skills. She talks over you while you're trying to converse or ask a question(while giving you wrong information because she isn't listening to hear you, she's listening to respond with an attitude), which is extremely rude and annoying.
Jazmin Lowery
Friendly people ok pricing
United Public Radio
It's average,just trying to get to the bottom of things. I will pronounce it is an excellent experience when I get it all sorted and done. I believe I can get there.
Sandi Cugno
I usually have an awesome experience but this time not so much. Purchased a second unit and have had multiple issues with it.
Keisha Sutton
Typical storage unit
Brian Beaulieu
The exit is awkward
Alex Lambertus
Please don’t get an attitude when you call my phone mumbling where you’re calling from and get an attitude when I can’t understand what you said and asked you to repeat yourself.
M. Tshibemba
Nice staff
Shanee Gantt
Taking the loading dock out for 2 more units is not a great idea. Thank you Eric! For taking the time to reach out and speak with me. I have been a customer here for years and have also recommended this storage to countless individuals over the years. Eric explained to to me that the decision to change the loading dock is not a local management decision. I relayed the inform that from the point of view of a customer reducing or eliminating the loading dock is not I. The best interest of the clients who CHOOSE to store here. A lot of us come in big truck that will not fin in the smaller loading area at 112 bruckner Blvd. Eric and other employees have been great through out the years. This is not their fault although I know the local staff will hear it from the customers. Upper management has the last call and I employ them to make the right choice. Storage post will loose more clientele than what they will gain from the 2 extra units they installed at the loading dock. I hope they resolve this ASAP.
Sang Lam
The reason I choose this Storage location was because the 24 hour access was Convenient for me as I'm a night shifter but now I'm rethinking because its just aggravating to deal with.
Roberto Castaing
Chrystal Vega Lipscomb