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5 Must-See DIY Projects for Your Family Room

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Living rooms have a tendency to feel stale and unoriginal. Check out these DIY projects for a fresh new take on keeping your family room organized.


Is your living room starting to feel, well… lived in? Spruce things up with these cost-effective DIY projects from some of our favorite do-it-yourself blogs. Your most frequented room will start to feel fresh in no time!

Crate Coffee Table


This gorgeous coffee table is actually a pretty straightforward do-it-yourself project from Anything and Everything. Tara gives her coffee table wheels, but it’s easy to imagine a stationary version of this project with just four crates and a base.

(Source: Anything and Everything)

Magazine Stool


While the source for this idea is less-than-DIY, it’s easy to imagine a homemade solution to the Hockenheimer magazine stool. Two thrift belts, a wooden base, and a handful of leftover magazines and you have the makings of an affordable stool or ottoman!

(Source: California Home + Design)

Invisible Bookshelf


Who would’ve thought L-brackets could provide a miracle living room project all on their own? This project from May December gives a glimpse of what we could do with a few screws and the slightest amount of know how. Kudos!

(Source: May December)

Blanket Ladder


A huge question when decorating a living room is always what to do with the blankets. Some are lucky enough to have built in shelving that suit comfort items like these, but for the rest of us, a novel solution like the blanket ladder comes in handy.

(Source: Shanty 2 Chic)

Custom Message Decor


The problem with many type-centric pieces is that they don’t quite fit the personality of the potential buyer. Going Home to Roost has a fantastic solution; make the message yourself for a quarter of the cost. It may take a bit more imagination, but that just means that the possibilities of this project are endless.

(Source: Going Home to Roost)

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