Make Your Move Easy with Self-Storage Solutions from Storage Post

Let’s face it: moving is no fun. But the right self-storage unit can make moving a lot easier. Since 1998, Storage Post has offered high-quality storage facilities and excellent customer service. Here are all the ways we make your move easy with our self-storage solutions.

We’re Local for your Storage needs

Whether you’re in New York, New Jersey, or Louisiana, we’re there with multiple locations, and understand all the reasons you’d use self-storage as part of your move in the locations we serve. 

In places like Haledon and Paterson, for example, we provide storage options for students moving in and out of William Paterson University or to make a little more room for people’s outdoor gear.

Climate-Controlled Storage Options

Climate-controlled self-storage units are a must for the delicate items you want to store as part of your move, from collectible art to rare antiques. Whether the temperatures outside are frigid or soaring, we’ll keep your belongings at 55° to 78°F.   

Keep in mind that while many items don’t require a controlled climate, others will be irreversibly damaged with extreme temperatures. Wooden items can warp and crack as the temp changes, and delicate things like electronics will benefit from the heightened air quality of a controlled climate. 

Friendly Expertise

Many people using self-storage are dealing with the stress of moving. We want to make self-storage a positive, efficient part of that process, and we train our staff to be amiable experts. 

When knowledgeable people help ensure your belongings are properly stored, there’s one less thing for you to worry about. And if you ever have a question, someone will always be ready with an answer. 


We are proud of our self-storage units, and keep them as clean as possible. Moving can be overwhelming, and the last thing you want is to find a storage unit that is not ready for your stuff. 

From guaranteeing a unit is clear of the previous tenant’s debris to keeping our facilities free of mold, bugs, leaks and other hazards, we provide self-storage that lets you know we care about your belongings.  

Reliable Security

Leaving your stuff behind in a storage unit during your move can sometimes be unsettling. No matter what you keep in your storage unit, we treat it like precious jewels. Our facilities are protected, around the clock, by excellent security systems to give you peace of mind. 

There’s a large difference between storage units protected by only individual locks and those behind fences and gates that use security cameras and motion detectors. An easily accessed facility is tempting to thieves, and we work hard to install every deterrent.

We’re Convenient

Storage Post maintains numerous locations in New Jersey, New York, Louisiana and Florida. Whenever you are in these states, it’s likely that we have a convenient facility. 

Whether you’re moving to a new place that doesn’t have room for all your stuff, or simply putting select belongings in storage, you will probably want to access your storage unit with some regularity. That will be far easier when it’s not hours away.

Unbeatable Prices

Moving can be expensive and adding another expense can feel daunting. But sometimes a self-storage unit during a move is unavoidable. We want to beat the competition in every possible way, and that includes pricing, which is always competitive at Storage Post. 

For the quality of our facilities and service, our prices show our customers we appreciate their business and want to retain it. In turn, you’ll see our investment in enhanced amenities, security and staff training.

No Hidden Fees

We are upfront in every aspect of our pricing. Our goal is for you to understand exactly what you’re paying for and why. 

Self-storage can be very reasonably priced and still be a significant cost. For that reason, you deserve to see honest price points, and not be surprised with unexpected fees when the bill comes.

We’re Experienced

Our team has decades of experience in the self-storage industry, and has used it to build trust in every community we serve. Chances are, if you need a self-storage unit during your move, there’s not a scenario we haven’t seen before. We can advise you on your storage options to make your move just a little bit easier.

Moving is not simple, but choosing the right storage unit can be with the right help. When you work with Storage Post during your move, you’re working with someone who doesn’t just coast on name recognition, but continually improves to serve you better.