Do You Really Need Climate Controlled Storage in Brooklyn?

Finding the right storage unit for your needs can be a hassle, and there are many frequently asked questions probably running through your mind. One such question is about the necessity of a climate controlled storage unit in Brooklyn, NY. It may seem like the addition of a climate controlled unit is not worth the extra costs, yet there are many reasons why this isn't the case.

Climate controlled storage is beneficial for when you need to store sensitive items such as antiques, musical instruments, important documents, furniture, mattresses, electronics, or fine art. Not only will climate controlled storage help to ensure that your valuable items are not damaged due to humidity or freezing temperatures, it will also help to control air quality and protect your belongings from dust buildup and debris.

With Brooklyn self storage, your items can be affected by the change in temperatures during different seasons, so it's important to keep your items at a consistent temperature. In the hot summer months, humidity and heat damage can affect your belongings. In the debilitating winter cold, any stored electronics can lose their function and wooden items can contract and warp. Having a standard storage unit is not very beneficial if it means that your items aren't safe while being stored, which is why climate controlled storage is a necessity.

In addition, climate controlled storage units have added barriers between the unit itself and the outside, meaning that it is harder for rodents and insects to access and damage your belongings. In these types of storage units, the walls and roofs will have insulation that can prevent your storage space from pest infestations that can wreak havoc on your items.

Other benefits of climate controlled storage units is that they will typically have increased security systems as opposed to regular storage units. At Storage Post, we not only have 24 hour security surveillance but we also have fenced and gated facilities that will guard your storage unit from intruders. Each individual storage unit is also only accessible by a unique code that only the person who rents a storage unit with us will know.

At Storage Post, we have many climate controlled storage locations in the Brooklyn area, as well as surrounding parts of New York City as well. Whether you are looking for short or long term storage, it's best to make sure your belongings are in good hands by taking advantage of our climate controlled facilities. Storage Post offers many different size storage units, so no matter what you need to store, our storage facilities offer the right space for it.

The best part about our storage units? Even with amenities such as climate controlled storage, Storage Post has low cost rentals that make high quality storage accessible to all. By choosing Storage Post, you are choosing a storage unit where you are able to trust your belongings are safe, and you can even rent the first month free!