About the Area

Life circumstances have a way of changing without notice. Your apartment in the 07097 ZIP code may have been comfortable until the economy forced you to get a roommate. Perhaps you are expecting a baby. Whatever your situation, you may suddenly find yourself with less living space. This can be frustrating, even when life changes are welcomed. Fortunately, Storage Post offers people living in the 07097 ZIP code the ideal compromise. You can store some of your belongings with us and still have the space you need to relax.

Affordable Storage for Every Need

Everyone goes through life transitions, but no two people experience them in exactly the same way. That is why we offer multiple unit sizes as well as parking spaces and document storage. You can even rent a locker-sized unit if that is all you need. Our storage units come in six different sizes ranging from 5 x 5 to 10 x 30. A storage consultant is always available to discuss your needs and help you make the right choice. You are free to change the size of your storage unit if it no longer meets your needs.

Secure Storage Right in Your Neighborhood

Most people who are looking for Jersey City self storage consider security to be the most important factor. At Storage Post, we completely agree. We are willing to go to any lengths to keep your valuables safe. The premises are surrounded by a chain link fence and an access code is required to get inside. Each customer is given a personalized code after making their first payment. Security guards make regular rounds and monitor a surveillance camera 24 hours a day. You also need to enter a code to open your unit. The walls and doors of every unit are made from reinforced steel. This makes it impossible for unauthorized people to gain access.

Pamper Your Valuables with Climate-Controlled Technology

New Jersey weather can be unpredictable, which makes it difficult for you to safeguard your valuables. Many people are unaware of the damage caused by indoor humidity before it is too late. They go to retrieve old family pictures from a closet and find them completely destroyed. Climate-controlled self storage is the ideal option for items that are truly irreplaceable. Storage Post uses technology that automatically adjusts both temperature and humidity levels. Our steel storage units also protect against every form of severe weather.

A Storage Contract Doesn't Have to Tie You Down

Jersey City self storage contracts shouldn't cramp your busy lifestyle. At Storage Post, we offer customers the opportunity to choose a monthly contract if that works best. At the end of each 30 days, you can either renew the contract or remove your belongings. This gives you the flexibility you need to cope with circumstances beyond your control. We also offer annual, bi-annual and other longer contract terms. Storage Post aims to be an affordable and convenient choice for anyone who needs some extra space.

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