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Life doesn't always go exactly the way you planned. Perhaps you recently lost your job and had to get a roommate to help with expenses. It can be hard to make the rent on your apartment in the 07303 ZIP code with less income. While a roommate helps with expenses, it also makes things more crowded. Storage Post can make things easier for everyone.ÿ When you rent Jersey City self storage from us, it frees up extra space in your apartment. This makes it easier for you to adjust to your new life situation.

Low Rental Fees and Plenty of Storage Options

When money is tight, you may be hesitant to pay for self storage. Fortunately, the units at Storage Post are reasonably priced to fit into any budget. Some of our units are as large as your apartment itself while others are more like a closet. We also offer parking stalls, document storage and storage lockers in addition to our regular units. A Storage Post consultant can help you determine the right size unit for your needs. However, you never have to worry about being pressured to rent more space than you need.

The Best Possible Security for Your Valuables

Just because you don't use certain items every day doesn't mean they're not important to you. Your valuables deserve the best security that money can buy. Storage Post is incredibly protective of your personal belongings. Every visitor to Storage Post must enter an individual access code for the gate to open. Those who don't have a code are accompanied by a security guard during their visit. The walls and doors of every storage unit are manufactured from rolled steel. If someone other than you tries to gain access, the door alarm is activated. Security guards patrol the premises 24 hours a day. We also use several surveillance cameras to record all activity.

Climate-Controlled Storage to Balance New Jersey's Unpredictable Weather

Weather conditions in the 07303 ZIP code can be hard to predict. You always run the risk of damage when you store your items outdoors. Rain, snow, heat, cold or strong winds can destroy your valuables in seconds. Some people think the solution to this is keeping their excess belongings in their apartment. Unfortunately, they fail to account for the damage caused by indoor humidity. Too much humidity in the air can cause items to break or grow mold. Climate-controlled self storage eliminates this problem altogether. Every self storage unit at Storage Post is equipped with technology to regulate humidity and temperature. This ensures that your valuables remain safe for as long as you store them with us.

Keep Your Options Open with Our Flexible Storage Contracts

At Storage Post, we respect that you may be going through a major life transition. Job loss, illness or adding to your family can make you feel anxious enough. We don't want to add to your stress by requiring a long self storage contract. You are free to keep your options open by signing a new storage contract every 30 days. Longer options are always available if your situation changes.

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