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If you've been impacted by the poor economy in recent years, you're not alone. Many people in the 07307 ZIP code have been forced to downsize or take in a roommate to survive. This presents new dynamics and storage challenges for everyone involved. One simple solution is to rent Jersey City self storage units from Storage Post. Our company offers spacious and affordable storage solutions for all types of needs. Having more room in your apartment makes it easier for you to adjust to a roommate or other new circumstances. You can reclaim your items at any time if your living situation changes.

Practical Storage Solutions for the Budget-Conscious

Storage Post understands that sticking to a budget is important for most people. We offer a wide range of storage options that fit easily into any financial situation. Our storage stalls range in size from 5 X 5 to 10 X 30. These sizes align with a studio apartment to a house with four to five bedrooms. You may also rent a storage locker, a parking stall or confidential business document storage.

Security That Never Sleeps

At Storage Post, guarding your valuables is a full-time job. We never take a break from keeping your items safe from theft or vandalism. Security staff is on-duty 24 hours a day to monitor the premises. Our surveillance cameras are always rolling to ensure that any suspicious activity is caught immediately. We want you to feel safe while visiting Storage Post at any hour. The entrance will not open unless you enter a pre-approved access code. It is also impossible for thieves to gain access to your storage unit. Every stall is manufactured from reinforced steel and only opens when the proper code is entered.

Climate-Controlled Storage Units Provide Extra Protection

Not all self storage units are equipped with climate-controlled technology. This is a relatively new development in storage that our company was happy to obtain. Climate-controlled technology allows us to control the humidity level and temperature inside every storage unit. This ensures that your family heirlooms, antiques, clothes, furniture and other valuables never get damaged. We have seen what humidity and mold can do, and it's not a pretty sight. With climate-controlled self storage, you can relax knowing your valuables are safe.

Maintain Flexibility in Your Life with Short-Term Contract Options

Our month-to-month contract option is ideal for people who are currently experiencing a life transition. It provides you with the flexibility you need to move from your apartment in the 07307 ZIP code on short notice.ÿ Once your life becomes more settled, you can upgrade to a longer contract. Storage Post gives you the freedom to choose a different sized storage unit whenever your needs change. If your current space is too large or too small, we can move you to something else.

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