About the Area

Any professional organizer will tell you that the best way to keep a home tidy is by getting rid of one item for every new one that you purchase. Of course, sticking to this principle is easier said than done. Making decisions about selling, donating or throwing away rarely used items isn't easy. There's another option: putting those things in storage. Storage Post offers secure, affordable Jersey City self storage. Our facility is easy to get to from the 07399 ZIP code, and it includes an array of convenient self storage solutions. By putting non-essential stuff in storage, you'll have plenty of room for new things and can avoid the stress of having to get rid of things completely.

Figure Out How Much Space You Need

When it comes to storage space, you have options at Storage Post. Our Jersey City self storage facility includes an assortment of lockers and units that span a variety of sizes. The first step to finding the right unit or locker is assessing how many things you need to store. Go through your things to determine what doesn't have to be within easy reach at all times, and then browse our selection. We have compact lockers that can accommodate a few small items and massive units that can hold entire rooms' worth of things. You can always speak to an employee at our facility as well to get expert advice. We are sure to have a unit or locker that will easily accommodate your belongings.

Insist on Security

You're not going to be comfortable keeping your things in storage if you're not completely confident about the security measures that are in place. A quick visit to our Jersey City self storage facility should put your mind at ease. Our lockers and units are impenetrable because they are made of state-of-the art reinforced steel. Would-be burglars steer clear of the premises because they are monitored by 24-hour video surveillance and watched over by on-site personnel. Your things will be securely locked away, and they'll be protected even further by personal access codes.

Keep Your Things with Us for as Long as Necessary

Do you know how long you will need self storage? Some people do, but others have no idea. In either case, you can count on Storage Post. If you're certain that you require storage for the long haul, our annual contracts offer the perfect solution. If you're not sure how long you'll need a unit or locker, or if you will only need one for a short period of time, month-to-month contracts may suit your needs better. The point is that you don't have to make compromises when you store your things with us.

Avoid Exposure to the Elements with Climate-Controlled Self Storage

Some things really shouldn't be exposed to excessive humidity or extremely high or low temperatures. Over time, exposure to the ups and downs of New York weather can do serious damage to delicate items like important paperwork, vintage clothes, fine jewelry and precious antiques. You don't have to rule out self storage if you need it for items like these. Storage Post's climate-controlled units are the best solution. If you live in the 07399 ZIP code or nearby, our Jersey City facility is a great option. When you get these things out of your home, you'll have plenty of space for the household items you use more frequently.

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