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People living in the 07632 ZIP code area often need storage units for different purposes. If your partner is moving in and needs more space, if you need to prepare a room and move delicate items to prepare for a new baby, if an older member of the family needs to move in or for any other reason, a storage unit is essential to keep your belongings safe. This may be a temporary measure while you sell or give away your items, or it may be more permanent as you hold it for when you upgrade your home later. Whatever the reason, if you live in or around the 07632 ZIP code, try one of our Fordham self storage units within driving distance of your neighborhood today.

Flexible Storage Units

If you're in need of a flexible, affordable Englewood Cliffs self storage solution, our Fordham Storage Post location is ideal for your personal items. There are many different sizes and shapes, so you don't have to pay for a larger space than you need. You can even store vehicles like boats, RVs or trucks in one of our parking spaces if you don't have room in your home. Whether you want a locker-sized unit for just a few belongings or a 10' x 30' garage for an entire home's worth of stuff, Storage Post can help you out.

Industry-Best Security Solutions

The security solutions at our state-of-the-art storage facility will put your mind at ease. Reinforced steel construction complete with locking steel doors and sturdy foundation will keep your items burglar-proof as well as storm-proof, which may be more important than you think as weather events increase in magnitude. Furthermore, our anti-burglary measures include gated premises with personal access codes to keep undesirables out of the space. A 24-hour surveillance system enables our on-site staff to keep tabs on every inch of our Storage Post facility at all times, deterring potential thieves and robbers. Don't spare a second thought -- your belongings will be safe at our facility.

Climate Protection at Storage Post

Climate-controlled units are among the most important contingencies you need if you are storing delicate items for extended periods of time. Delicate and decorative fabrics may shrink, stretch or begin to fray in high-humidity environments, and documents or precious artwork can yellow or fade due to exposure to extreme temperatures. You may need a climate-controlled unit to prevent against damage due to temperature and moisture in the air. We offer climate-controlled units in every shape and size to ensure that humidity and temperature levels remain the same for extended periods of time.

Rent a Storage Unit Today

Units at Storage Post are available with month-to-month pricing for your convenience and flexibility. No matter how long you need to store for and no matter your timetable for removing your items, we will work with you to ensure that you don't need to pay for more time than you need. Say no to restrictive contracts. If you need convenient self storage solution, look no further than Storage Post. Our Fordham location serves neighborhoods in and around the 07632 ZIP code. Become one of our satisfied customers today!

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