About the Area

If your belongings have outgrown your closets, basement, and garage, then you should consider renting a storage unit from Storage Post. They offer a variety of self storage unit sizes, from the size of a locker to an automobile.  

Once you've decided to lease a stowing area from Storage Post, be sure to organize your unit to maximize your space. For instance, pack your important belongings carefully in plastic crates or boxes. In fact, you can buy perfectly sized packing material from Storage Post. They sell boxes in small, medium, and large, along with kits that feature bubble wrap and packing tape.

The Benefits of Choosing Storage Post

Since Storage Post has a convenient location in your 10030 ZIP code, you can easily transport your belongings to one of our units. We will also protect your possessions from theft with our on-site staff and 24-hour video surveillance.  In addition, your storage space will have a personal access code for added security. You can rent a Manhattan self storage unit with temperature control, which will allow you to store important paperwork along with possessions like jewelry and vintage clothing. In fact, a climate-controlled storage unit may be safer for your delicate possessions since they will be away from your home during unexpected setbacks, like your home's air-conditioner failing or natural disaster.

There are many reasons why you might need more space to store things in Ozone. Self storage is easy and with the company's convenient location. Your unit will be close to your home for convenient access. If you like to celebrate the holidays with an abundance of décor, then you may need an extra spot to store your holiday cheer, or gloom if you are storing Halloween decorations, during the rest of the year.

A storage unit is helpful during a move as you can stow the belongings that you won't need right away, and then move them into your new residence at your leisure. In addition, you may find it easier to sort through your items and donate possessions that you no longer need or use. With this method, you can avoid bringing them into your new home.

De-Clutter Your Home with a Unit from Storage Post

If you are a homeowner who has lived in your home for several years, then you may have noticed that your belongings are overwhelming your home. With Storage Post's Manhattan self storage proximity, you'll find that it's easy to transfer your beloved possessions to a close and secure unit.

A storage space will come in handy if you are moving into a smaller home. For instance, a new job in a big city will most likely result in a smaller residence.   

With your 10030 ZIP code, you'll appreciate renting extra space from the company's Ozone self storage location. Furthermore, you can eliminate your home's clutter, which will allow you to clean your home more easily in order to create a comfortable environment.


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