About the Area

Living in Ridgewood can mean space is at a premium. When you first moved into your home, you probably were amazed at how much room you had. But, time passes, and before you know it, it seems as if your home is shrinking. Actually, you've just wound up gathering a lot of possessions. If you want to proudly reclaim that space that was once yours, it might be time to take a look at what Storage Post can do for you.

Manhattan Self Storage That Accommodates Any Need and Any Budget

Storage needs can vary as much as the individual. You might need a place to store an entire life-sized chess set, but your neighbor might only need a small locker to safely store his prized collection of baseball cards. Regardless of how much or how little storage room you need, Storage Post has what you're looking for. Residents in the 10034 ZIP code know we're right in the neighborhood, making self storage in the area both easy and convenient.

Dependable Security is Our Passion

We know how important your belongings are. That's why Storage Post provides some of the best security available. Security is one of our top priorities. Although others might be okay with setting up units out of corrugated aluminum, our storage units are composed of top-quality reinforced steel. This helps to provide an additional level of security. Storage Post also has 24-hour video surveillance. Access to the facility in the 10034 ZIP code is given solely to individuals with the proper access code. There is also an on-site staff available to handle various situations that might arise.

Climate Controlled Facilities

Storage Post makes sure the weather conditions will not affect your belongings. While some Manhattan self storage businesses offer air conditioning, Storage Post goes beyond that. Although air conditioning might protect your belongings from excessive heat, it does little to keep out excessive cold or high humidity. If you are storing valuable documents, artwork or even clothing, you know that having the right storage environment can mean the difference between boxes of important belongings and ruined possessions. Even though Storage Post offers state-of-the-art climate controlled units, you'll be amazed at how affordable they remain.

Flexibility is Important

Some people postpone looking into Ridgewood self storage units because they don't want to sign a contract that locks them in for years. Storage Post believes in giving you flexibility. Instead of forcing you to sign a contract that imprisons your belongings for an extended period of time, Storage Post offers a month-to-month contract plan. This means that there's an easily affordable Ridgewood self storage solution near you that provides you with impressive protection for your valuables while also giving you the freedom to come and go from the unit as you need.

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