About the Area

Situated in Manhattan, our Ozone self storage facility is conveniently located near the 10039 ZIP code, an area where closet space is at a premium even in single-family homes. The availability of various sized storage units sets Storage Post apart from other storage locations that vie for your business.

Flexible Unit Sizes

Whether you are looking for extra storage space to hold appliances or will be combining households, Storage Post has a unit that is just the right size. Visit your local Storage Post facility and discuss your storage needs. In addition to providing you with information about our various unit sizes, our friendly staff can also help you assess future storage unit needs.

If you are a homeowner or apartment dweller with lots of seasonal items, our 5 by 5 feet unit is sure to meet your needs. Conversely, the client with a large family leaving behind a three or four bedroom home benefits from our 10 by 25 feet storage space. Our largest unit measures 10 by 30 feet and accommodates the belongings of someone moving from a four or five bedroom home.

If you decide to downsize or upgrade your storage unit, our friendly staff members at our Ozone self storage facility will help you decide on the right unit. Moving between self storage units is a simple process that is actually more common now as families de-clutter homes and downsize residences.

Obligation-Free Contracts

The 5 by 5 feet unit only costs $104 per month. If you choose to upgrade to the 5 by 10 feet unit, the cost only increases to $144 per month. Other Storage Post Manhattan units have similar competitive offers. Flexible month-to-month rental contracts put you in control of your storage needs. The absence of long-term storage contracts also makes it easy if you just need a storage unit for a brief time.

Exceptional Security Measures

From interior loading areas to steel-constructed units, Storage Post takes safety seriously. Resident managers provide the human deterrent that so many other Manhattan self storage units lack. After all, there is little appeal in trying to breach a secure perimeter that would result in an almost immediate response by a trained professional.

Perimeter fencing secures the exterior of the storage complex. Around-the-clock video recording system with conspicuously placed cameras further deters intrusions. An added security component is the unit alarm that Storage Post professionals install in every unit. With so many security features in place, you know that your possessions are as safe as if you were keeping them at your 10039 area home.

Commitment to Proper Storage Conditions

Experts at Storage Post help you every step of the way when it comes time to pack your items for storage. From tips related to the choice of acid-free boxes to the right packing materials to keep your breakables whole, Storage Post wants your experience to be positive. Our company does more than simply help you store your items with good advice.

Climate-controlled storage spaces discourage the development of mold and mildew. It also eliminates the risk of extreme temperature fluctuations. Even if the weather is freezing cold or extremely hot, the temperature inside your Manhattan self storage unit is constant. This is great news when storing electronics or musical instruments, which suffer greatly when exposed to constantly changing temperatures.

It is clear that Storage Post is your go-to solution for storing your belongings. Security, convenience, and affordability are just some of the features the company brings to the table.

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